I made it through the rabbit hole…

Happy New Year!!!

For me, it truly is a very happy NEW year! Everything is new right now: new house, new address, new outlook, new opportunities, new lifestyle, new landscape – a whole new WORLD! And I can’t even begin tell you how delighted and excited I am….

January 1st started out by getting up early, packing the very last of my belongings into the U-Haul and hitting the road. I made it 350 miles before things turned south. I hit a snowstorm around Billings, Montana that lasted about 450 miles… I finally came out the other side just west of Mitchell, South Dakota. It was crazy! And I drove through most of it after sundown. But despite whiteouts, wind and white knuckles, I made it out the other side with increased confidence and a can’t-be-stopped attitude. I arrived at my new home just after 5pm on the 2nd and began the process of unpacking.

I’m at a stopping point until my friend returns from Chicago. There are a few things I can’t bring up from the garage on my own. But I’ve made quite a bit of headway over the past four days, with not much work left to do.  Next up is doing a whole lot of brainstorming and planning and getting myself situated to start working on some creative projects. I’m also doing a little bit of contract work for the organization I just left. Nothing major, but it’ll bring in a little money over the next few months.

I know the blog is still wonky for those who aren’t subscribed. The gal that’s been working on it is doing some research into why such a simple project turned into a three-week long ordeal. Not super happy about it, but it is what it is. I’ll keep posting, and eventually it’ll get fixed. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

I’ll start taking some pictures of the new place and the land to share with you all soon. It’s really a fantastic chunk of ground­ – definitely not the flat-land you often think of when envisioning the Midwest. On the property there are caves, rock bluffs, rolling hills, steep hills, and little canyons. The house is situated nearly at the top of the hill, which means plenty of early morning and late afternoon sun. There’s also a ton of wildlife here – including mountain lions! There were a bunch of lion tracks that came up the road and really quite close to the house. Within 50 feet, I would say. Now, I lived with lions in Montana, but I don’t think I ever had one that I knew of within 50 feet of the house. Things to think about when chickens and goats make their way to the farm this spring.

Looking forward to sharing so much with everyone as this little experiment gets moving. But for now, I think I’m going to go downstairs and see if I can locate the box with my business and creativity books in it. I’m craving some written word that will inspire me.

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2 thoughts on “I made it through the rabbit hole…

  1. Sounds like a little slice of heaven. As someone who also lives in the Midwest, I had no idea there was that diversity of wildlife just down the road from us. I have a general idea of where you guys are located..it sounds awesome.

  2. Mary Wheatley

    Looking forward to your new pictures and WI adventures! Will look to making a plan to visit you in WI when the weather is better 🙂

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