There’s no going back now.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I shed my final two anchors: Suby Snowflake and my job.

Last Sunday the most adorable couple came to look at my car – they were the epitome of the “Missoulian”: hippie, outdoorsy, young, and friendly as can be. Good kids. We chatted for a while, played with my dog, and then took the Subaru for a test drive. I knew they fell in love with it immediately. I really liked that car; I just didn’t like the payment plan attached to it. And I honestly won’t need it in Wisconsin. I did my best to take good care of it, and apparently it showed. They said they’d go home and talk about it, and later that evening I had a written offer in my inbox. Unfortunately they couldn’t offer me what I was asking, but did offer me something of significant value to add to the pot: the loan of their car until I leave on January 1. That, coupled with the next two payments that I won’t have to make between now and my transition, and the cash they gave me, it actually came out to about $100 more than I was asking to begin with. Score! So on Wednesday we met at the bank, made the transition, and traded cars.

I’m Free!

Yesterday I called the President of our Board of Directors. He was sitting in a tree stand hunting deer on the day after Thanksgiving. Yet, he answered his phone. We had a candid conversation about why I thought my time with the organization was done, and shared that I would be working toward my long term goals and something I truly believe in. I also discussed an individual on our Executive Committee who has been a thorn in my side for some unknown reason. I hate to say it, but I honestly think he’s sexist. But being a lawyer, he would never admit to it. Clearly he doesn’t respect anything I do or have to say, and makes everything I do about 1000% more difficult than it needs to be. Watching his interactions with most other women, sexism is the only logical conclusion I can come to. Either way, in 37 days I’ll never have to deal with him again. After talking to the Board Prez, I emailed him my letter of resignation. The light at the end of the tunnel is brighter now than it ever has been.

I’m Free!

I try to be consistently conscious of the things in my life that I’m grateful for. This past year I’ve had some problem with that as I let myself get bogged down with stress. But with this early Christmas gift of freedom, I’m beginning to once again let my mind come out of the clouds and appreciate so much around me. It feels good to be back on track.

Yes. I’m Free!

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