Giving Thanks…

“The First Thanksgiving” (1915), by Jean Louis Gerome Ferris (American painter, 1863-1930).


It’s certainly no secret that I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day. When you take a moment to ponder all that’s going on in this world, from wars to famine to abuse to desperation to the simple unhappiness that affect so many, I am humbled by the joy, love and fortune that my life holds.

Among all the things I’m grateful for, I’m thankful that I have the empathy to mourn for those who can’t see the blessings in their own lives. And I’m beyond thankful for the heartfelt gratitude I have for those who selflessly give their lives and health so that we Americans can continue to live free.

I’m grateful for the love of my family – we’re the best of friends and love each other unconditionally. I know that’s sadly not the norm, and I recognize how blessed I am for my Dad, my sister, my nephew and the memory of the most incredible Mom a person could have had the fortune to be graced with.

I’m grateful to have my oldest and dearest girlfriend and my God son here with me this Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for the past 10 days we’ve spent together, laughing, exploring, talking and having fun. The past few years I’ve spent Thanksgiving alone – and I’m okay with that. But it feels so good to have voices in the house, smiles at the table, and good friends to share the day with and make a homemade meal for.

I’m also thankful for my best friend in the whole world, and her amazing husband. We’ve seen so many adventures together, and supported each other when things weren’t always sunny. I’m grateful for the laughs, the shared memories and the winks and nods that allude to secrets only we know.

I’m over the moon grateful for my friend who is offering me the opportunity to start a new life filled with domesticity and creativity. To free my mind from the stresses of a professional career. To explore making a life and not just a living. To dig my hands in the soil, to spread grain for the chickens, to stack wood for the stove, to look out at an endless landscape in my native Wisconsin.

I’m grateful for the people who bought my car this week. They freed me from the only debt I held, and offered me a loaner car to save me money until I move on January 1.

I’m grateful for the fantastic landlords that I’ve had for the past three and a half years. They let me garden in my yard, they offered a smile and conversation whenever I saw them, they quickly fixed things if they broke, and are overall just wonderful people.  And they share the names of my parents: Bob and Julie. So I know they’re awesome!

I’m grateful for the view out my window every day. Even though I’m leaving Montana, I’ve been blessed with a fantastic life here filled with beauty, adventure, opportunity, and peace. When I needed it most, Montana was here to offer me refuge.

This is such a small list of all the things I have to be grateful for this year. Really, the list is endless, and like the universe, ever expanding.

I am thankful for the ability to look around me and see all of the blessings in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers – may your lives increase in blessings every day. May you put aside the consumerism of the coming season and embrace the simplicity of family, good food and experiences. May you be healthy, safe and happy. May you find much to be thankful for…

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4 thoughts on “Giving Thanks…

  1. Mary Wheatley

    Awesome, beautiful commentary for this day. Blessings continue coming to you this day and always.

  2. maureen weigand

    robin that was beautiful. you have a wonderful way with words.

  3. Eileen Goodwin

    Happy Trails to you. Life and the world are beautiful if you take the time to look.
    As a family, a very large family, we all have received many, many blessings.

    • Denise Gartland

      I just read that beautiful blog about thanksgiving and it left me breathless-it was beautiful

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