Riches to Rags… on purpose

I’m really having a hard time believing that my life is about to change so dramatically… I keep expecting to wake up from the dream.

I just returned from yet another business trip – Reno, Nevada this time. I stayed in the most magnificent suite at the Grand Sierra Resort, living the life of luxury in a town second only to Vegas in terms of excesses.  Excesses in a good way, as far as I’m concerned, but excesses nonetheless. But am on the precipice of giving it all up. I’m giving up a hard-built professional career to keep chickens, raise food, keep bees and transition to the life of an agrarian goddess. I’m leaving the so-called riches for a life of kitchen rags and canning jars. Life’s been a blur these past couple of months, but this was officially my last business trip as a non-profit director.

Today my oldest and dearest friend comes to visit with her son for 12 days. I’m looking forward to having “family” here for Thanksgiving this year. Aside from my own sister and Dad, she’s the closest to family I have. We’ve known each other for 38 years, and it’s safe to say she’s more than just my friend – she’s a dear friend of my family.

As soon as they leave, the day after Turkey Day, I begin packing my belongings for the trek cross-country to my new life.

The more I learn about this new house, the more I like it!  In fact, I just found out today that the people who own it now would be willing to sell it off – rent to own, or outright – if I/we were interested. I’ll have to see how it goes and if I might be interested in that in the future. My friend told the owners that this is a two-year proposition at minimum with the experiment. So between seeing what the land can do, and if I can make myself a decent living from writing and other pursuits, who knows!

Poor McHenry. I think he’s stressing out a bit knowing how much work is ahead for us. But any farmer can tell you, it’s certainly not a life of leisure. Simplicity, perhaps – ease? Definitely not. I came from this kind of a lifestyle growing up. He didn’t. So I know what’s ahead for us, and I’m trying to quell his anxiety.

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One thought on “Riches to Rags… on purpose

  1. boy this whole thing keeps getting better and better…rent to own. wow.

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