The plan is on the table…

So I’ve accepted the offer. I kind of knew I would. What offer you ask? An offer to change my life drastically.

A friend of mine has been pining to get a farm going in Wisconsin, but he isn’t available to be there 100% of the time. He still makes really good money in Chicago and isn’t prepared to give that up yet – but wants to get things moving toward an agricultural end.

A couple weeks ago when I was telling him about my plans for simplification so I could quit my job, he threw an idea out there that really sent my mind reeling: Move to Wisconsin, take care of his place and his land, help establish the farmstead and take the time I need to do whatever I want to change my income and lifestyle. I’ll pay nothing toward living expenses. I know it sounds like a totally crazy plan, and if I didn’t know this guy as well as I do, I might think something wonky was afoot. But fortunately I do know this gentleman very well, and I know he doesn’t have a nefarious bone in his body. It’s basically a mutual internship that I don’t have to contribute financially toward… And Bella is welcome, too.

Welcome to Wisconsin!!!

It’s a crazy plan that will benefit us both – he gets someone to take care of things when he’s not there, and provide domestic support when he is. I get a free ride for a year (at least) to give me time to figure out income streams without having to stress about paying rent or utilities. We’ll learn together about things we don’t know, and teach each other about things we already do know. We’ll share the harvests and work toward some creative projects that might help make both of us a little extra money.

The plan is to leave Montana at the end of the year. Part of me is sinking with dread because I do love Montana so much. But I also know that I’ll never be able to do what I want to out here because land is so expensive, and water is so sparse. Yet, Wisconsin is my home. I grew up there and I’ll always have cheddar running through my veins. I’ll be half way between my sister and my Dad, so seeing family won’t be a once-a-year ordeal. I like that. A lot. And my two absolute best friends in the whole world live in the suburbs outside of Chicago – and much like my family, it means so much to me to be able to see them more than once a year.

And the fantastic part is that I don’t have to live in Illinois. Or in the city or suburbs. I get to retain a rural existence, yet I’ll be close enough to some of the bigger towns in Wisconsin so I can have access to things I might need from time to time – like culture. Skiing might not be as exciting, but I’ll also have a place to point the boards downhill and get a little vertical love every once in a while, too.

So things are on the brink of changing. When I meditated my way into 2012, I told myself that I would give my current job one more year. The universe listened, and my plan is to make Dec. 31st my last day on the job for this organization. It couldn’t have worked better. It’s funny that way. Whenever I need things most, the universe provides. And I’m SO grateful for my friend McHenry right now. So grateful that he’s allowing me this opportunity to help him, to learn, to take my time and to change my life for the better.

I’m looking forward to writing a lot more – both for the blog and for money. And I plan to get some more DTG-TV videos going when I get to Wisconsin, and who knows, maybe a podcast or two, too.

It seems like so many Directors for OWAA leave to write. I’m just another person on that list who’s leaving the stress of Directorship to take on the art of communicating.

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4 thoughts on “The plan is on the table…

  1. Mary Wheatley

    ROBIN! You always seem to have focus on what your decisions are and I’m confident this will work for you! Would be good for you to be able to see your Dad and Sis more often and we here in IL (ME!) would love to see you too! Hope the confidence in this grows for you and you find yourself on a more rewarding path than you’re on right now. Be HAPPY! Love, Mary

  2. tim and chris

    Awesome opportunity and great challenge. You were meant to do this and you would do it well. I am there. Where is it?

  3. Kelly Rice

    What a great opportunity – good for you to have the nerve to take advantage of it!

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