The universe provides…

So I have an opportunity that I’m thinking I might be absolutely stupid if I pass up…

It would throw my plans from a previous post up in the air – retaining some of the goals while totally changing others. The parts to be retained would include getting rid of Suby Snowflake, quitting my job, minimizing my expenses, downsizing my life and experimenting with alternative income streams.  The part that, in theory, would be completely changed would be the moving into town part.

I might be moving, though. But not into town in Missoula.

This is all still very tentative as I continue discussions with my “funder” – but the conversations are getting more and more interesting, and would offer me the exact opportunity I need to start my dream life of homesteading, domesticity and truly ditching the grid.

It’s funny how, when I need it most, the universe offers me the opporutnities I desire. It happens every time that I find myself in a place where I desperately need a change – an opportunity presents itself that helps guide me past the obstacles.  And this time it’s an opportunity that is beyond my wildest expectations.

I don’t want to devulge the exact details of the plan until it’s more set in stone, but changes may be on the way for me and for this blog. BIG changes. Good changes. Educating changes. Hands-on changes…

I’m hoping to have a final decision made within the next week or two. Stay tuned!

(OH! I’m bursting at the seams!!!!)



Okay, I can’t help myself…  Here’s a hint:

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3 thoughts on “The universe provides…

  1. looks like we we might be neighbors…if it happens you just have to plan a visit to our homestead @ some point! DM

    • That may have to be a plan as we learn our way through the process!

      • my wife came home a week ago w/ a similar crock @ a local garage sale. There is just something nurturing about old pottery to me. This one was stamped w/ a sesquicentennial logo and old log cabin…

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