Juice feast, day 7


Breakfast: romaine, celery, cucumber, orange, pineapple and ginger.

It’s “vacation Friday,” friends! The single biggest gift I’ve given myself in a long time… Taking Fridays off work for the foreseeable future. Living in Montana was all about quality of life, but over the past couple of years that got lost. So I’m giving that quality back to myself by taking vacation days every Friday. Love it! Sleepin’ in late with the dog, hiking, hanging out… It’s all good.

So today marks one week on the Juice Feast. We’re a quarter of the way there! My DSS is doing great to… She pullin’ strong for he long haul!  Definitely easier than the previous fasts I’ve been on. I owe that to amazing taste of the juice. It makes the whole thing easy. 🙂

I’ll be back with the other two juices later. In the meantime, give yourself a gift of joy today.

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