Juice feast, day 2


Breakfast: cucumber, kale, celery, Apple, pear, lemon, ginger.


Lunch: carrot, fennel, Apple, lemon, ginger.  This was crazy delicious! I think it would taste even better if I used lime instead of lemon.


Dinner: carrot, beet, Apple, lime.  (I actually haven’t made this yet today… This is a picture of this juice from the other day.)

After my breakfast juice I was SO energized! So what better to do than head out for a hike with the pup:





What an amazing day!  Even managed to get a little work done.. next up: laundry, and listening to the rest of Autobiography of a Yogi (audio book)…

Have a blissful day!

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2 thoughts on “Juice feast, day 2

  1. I want some of that energy! Quick question… so when you’re juicing, are you still eating things like bread, and other fiber or is it mostly a juicing diet? We have a friend who’s son was diagnosed w/ stage 4 cancer..he is on a 100% juicing diet/ lost 60 pounds but feels good. I could stand to shed about 30 pounds and am wondering if I need to incorporate juicing in my routines…any thoughts?

    • Hey there! The only thing I’m consuming at this point is the juice. That’s it. No solid food whatsoever. Some water in the morning, with lemon, and a cup of peppermint tea in the evening, but other than that, just juice.

      All I can say is that in the three or four weeks I’ve been juicing, I’ve already seen some serious improvement in my health. But I just started the all-juice fast (feast!) yesterday. I’m expecting some detox symptoms as I go along, but in the end I know my health will be a million times better. And I will have lost weight too! I suggest Googling “Juice Feast – and also get on YouTube and seek out a guy called the LifeRegenerator (www.life-regenerator.com – that should take you right to his channel). He’s a little crazy, but has a ton of fantastic information and his energy is infectious!

      Good luck!

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