It’s a feast!

So in my last (written) post, I talked about my walk to the dark side, and the purchase of a couple of electronic kitchen gadgets.  One being a juicer. I have to admit that I’m loving that thing beyond words! Viva la Juice!

In fact, I’m loving the juicer so much that I decided to share the love and get one for my sister (DSS) for her birthday. It arrived in her lovely home yesterday (after a long and dramatic issue with UPS – but it’s there, and that’s the important part). In light of her recent challenges, she decided (with her doctor’s enthusiastic blessing) to embark upon a 30 day juice fast. Or, as we like to call it: A juice feast!

Being that she’s my one and only sister, who means the absolute world to me, I decided that I would embark on this challenge with her to offer her my love and moral support from afar.  (Unfortunately we live about 1600 miles away from one another – so for the time being this is the best I can do to help her in her journey.) She made her first batch of juice this morning: peach, orange, apple; and immediately upon finishing she called me to tell me how utterly delicious it was.  I was delighted!

Since my juicer came into my house a few weeks back, with the exception of a business trip to Arizona for a long weekend, I’ve drank a minimum of one 32-ounce batch of juice per day. Sometimes more. Homemade juice will knock your socks off! So I’m looking forward to the next 30 days. I’m sure at some point I’ll have awful cravings for pizza, hummus and other tasty delights… but this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve done a couple fasts in the past – and none were nearly as scrumptious as this one. So I’m hoping this round will be much easier. Lord knows I could stand to lose a few pounds and get healthier.  Couldn’t we all?

I’ve been wracking my brain to figure out how a juice feast could somehow fit into the theme of this blog: ditching the grid. Well, a couple of ways, I suppose. First, as I’ve continued on this journey the past couple of years, I’ve come to realize that ditching the grid is not solely about the electric bill that comes in my mailbox once a month. Ditching the grid can come in any number of shapes and sizes. So while I’ve recently added some electronic gizmos to my house, they’re helping me ditch said grid in a couple of ways. They’re reducing my reliance on mass-produced juice. I will admit that I have a juice problem. If left to my devices, I could guzzle tons of it – all purchased from the store. And really, no matter what the label says, it’s really not healthy. So the first way the juicer is helping me is by eliminating the reliance on Minute Maid, and taking my nutrition and juice addiction into my own hands. The other way it’s helping ditch the grid is by reducing my reliance on the traditional medical industry by improving my health. I’ve written about my distrust and dislike for western medicine in past posts. It’s no secret that those baring the M.D. after their name are not my favorite people on the planet…  I will admit they have their place, but more often than not they’re just shills for the pharmaceutical industry. Too many people rely on doctors to give them a pill for something they could fix if they took their health and well-being into their own hands. So my hope is that changing up my diet with tons of nutrient rich whole, raw foods and nutrient-dense juices made and consumed on the spot, that I will be taking better responsibility for my own health so in the end I can eliminate my reliance on the medical industry.

Over the next 30 days I will be posting shots of my daily juices. The orange-carrot-ginger I posted earlier was my dinner. Today I started my day with a juice of spinach, celery, cucumber, apple and lemon. My lunch was a homemade V8 with tomato, carrot, celery, cucumber, jalapeno, garlic, cilantro, kale and a lemon. So I guess that would be V9.  🙂

I hope you’ll join me in taking responsibility for your health. Summer will be here soon – and I know I’ll need all the strength I can muster to get out in the garden and pull piles more rocks out before I can ready the plot to plant my produce.

Viva la Juice!  ❤

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One thought on “It’s a feast!

  1. i love your attitude and choices to take responsibility for your health. viva la robin!!!

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