Come to the Dark Side!

So, my DSS (dear sweet sister) is sick of reading my post about processed food, and is beckoning me to write something new. Today I’ll offer you my confession about going over to the dark side.

Come to the Dark Side!!!!

For quite some time I’ve appreciated the art of doing things by hand, without much in the way of electronic assistance. Somehow I fell off the wagon a couple of weeks ago…

Now, before you get your hopes up, I will assure you that I didn’t buy a big screen TV and hook up to satellite to watch the super bowl. Let’s not get ridiculous.

Part of this – well actually all of this – was spurred by DSS’s health issues. I started doing way more research and reading than I already do, normally, and found myself standing in a giant store filled with kitchen gadgets.  All kinds of kitchen gadgets. I walked out with a juicer and a food processor.

But it didn’t stop there.  Oh no. I came home, juiced up a magnificent carafe of green juice, and sat down and began downloading all kinds of PDF e-books about health from Scribd. My intention was to read them on my laptop, but honestly, I’ve been using my laptop less and less lately. Its primary use is to listen to the radio, CDs and podcasts, and to watch YouTube videos. So the thought of reading books on my laptop didn’t really appeal to me.  But I had so many to read, and they all seemed so interesting and seemed to hold a wealth of information that I felt I needed to learn. So I bought a Kindle, too.  😦  Sigh.

That makes three electronic gizmos that have weaseled their way into my sanctuary. But I have to admit they’ve really made my life easier, healthier, and I’ve used all of them almost daily!  Who knew?!?

I remembered back to the book Surviving Off Off Grid (by Michael Bunker) that I read a few months back. Although he and his community live primarily without the “conveniences” of modern technology, he’s the first to admit that the use of technology is one of consideration. You have to carefully consider if the use of various contraptions will actually contribute to your quality of life, or if they’re just being used because they’re there.  I don’t buy new phones because they’re the newest. I don’t buy new iPods because they’re the latest and greatest. I only purchase new electronic contraptions when the ones I’ve been using have rightfully and fully worn out. As in: broke.

So it took me some soul-searching to determine if these purchases, regardless of the electricity used, would actually contribute something beneficial to my life. In the end, I determined the answer was YES.

I’ve used the juicer literally once or more per day since it found its place on my kitchen counter. And I can attest that drinking juice daily has benefited my health greatly in the couple of weeks I’ve been using it. My energy has increased dramatically, and some nagging issues I’ve had for most of my life are clearing up. From drinking freshly made juice!  I would never have through that could be possible.

Through reading the books I downloaded to my Kindle, I’ve discovered that eating a mostly (or entirely) raw diet filled with living foods can have profound effects on not only my physical health, but my mental and spiritual health as well. And that’s where the food processor comes in.

I’ve been doing my best to incorporate more and more raw foods into my daily diet. I never would have considered this in the past, but by reading, experiencing, and watching information about it, I see that it’s entirely true! Cooked food is dead food. We are living bodies, and we need life flowing through us to be vibrant. That life energy should come in the form of whole, living, raw foods. Foods filled with the fire of life, not killed by the fire of cooking. So I’ve been using the food processor to make a lot of raw food dishes that would have otherwise been a pain in the butt to do by hand. This makes the transition much easier when you realize how easy it can be. It’s insane! I used to scoff at those who used food processors. I now know that I was wrong.

Now, I’ve not gone 100% raw.  Yet.  I still love the bread made with whole wheat ground in my lovely red Grain Mill. But that wheat is generally still living. If I put it in water, in its whole state, it would sprout. And when I grind it, I don’t pull certain parts out and replace them with chemicals. I use 100% of the whole wheat kernel in making my bread.

So, much like technology, take a close look at the food you eat and consider the ingredients. If you deem it to contribute positively to your life force energy and your health, then go for it. In the end, anything you take into your life – whether it’s something you watch on YouTube, or a book you read, or music you listen to, or food you eat – it should be wholly nourishing.  Nourishing to your body, your mind and your spirit.

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