Hmmm. Well that didn’t work

Good thing I went out to the barn to get some potatoes today – otherwise all would have been lost.  Apparently my plan of packing carrots in wet sand is NOT such a good plan.  I read about it in a root cellaring book, but I must have done something wrong.  My carrots are ruined, and pretty much all of my potatoes. 😦  There was too much moisture, and apparently not enough air flow, and I ended up with a lot of mold.  I was able to save about 10 pounds of potatoes – but out of the 50 pounds left, that was kind of a devastating blow.  Good thing I learned this lesson now instead of when I really had to rely on those stores.

So next fall I will be looking for a new method of storing my root vegetables that does not include sand or moisture.  I should be able to save some of the carrots for the horses, but they’re mostly lost.

Ugh.  Bummer.  Chalk one up for learning experiences…

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2 thoughts on “Hmmm. Well that didn’t work

  1. thanks for posting your mistakes too. too many times people just talk about their successes. On that note, I’ll tell you one of mine couple of years ago I read about hardening off your seed potatoes pieces once you cut them in pieces each w/ an eye or two…well, I was chomping @ the bit to plant potatoes, so after I cut them up, I had them outside in a shed to dry/harden off..well, the temperature dropped @ night, and even though they were not out in the elements, they still froze and basically they all molded, rotted and got all mushy. As far as potato storage, this year I called our local grocery store and ordered 300 pounds of potatoes,and a 50 pound bag of nice large onions..all for just over 100 dollars…1/2 of the potatoes I kept in the vented plastic bags they came in and 1/2 I laid out on some shelves…the root cellar we have is in our basement….I keep an eye on the humidity level and temp….the room is insulated from the rest of the basement and I draw the old air through a basement window. the temperature seems to hover in the mid 40’s to 50 degree range most of the time.

    • Life is all about learning experiences. Luckily I have more successes than failures, but I still have to learn from the things that don’t go right.

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