Dreaming Small

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As the saying goes:  “I have a dream.”

But my dream doesn’t include a big house in the suburbs.  The newest car.  A boat. A big important job with a big important title.  Walk-in closets…

My dream includes a tiny place to lay my head at night.  A small paycheck to provide my basic needs.  A minimal footprint to honor the earth and tread lightly.

Coming out of a time when our country experienced unprecedented growth.  When success equaled the biggest and best. It feels refreshing to focus on the little things in life and to start dreaming small.

There are times when big dreams can be exhilarating.  But sometimes small dreams are the ones that hug your heart and seem more manageable.

I’ve had enough of big and unmanageable. It’s time to embrace the little things and start dreaming small.

When I feel like dreaming big again, I’ll dream of a giant garden.

This is my little inspiration…  (Isn’t that the best little dream ever???)

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One thought on “Dreaming Small

  1. authenticizeit

    I LOVE this. Your goals are awesome, and familiar. I started this same journey exactly 6 years ago. It’s been (and continues to be) full of challenges, growth and discovery. Learning about myself and life through nature – nothing like it. Nothing! Could go on forever on this topic, so much healing and joy to be found in the ground! Wisdom and freedom up in the trees we climb – the same ones we planted years ago. 🙂 Goats was on my unwritten list of goals for years. DONE. The small dreams and successes have ended up producing incredible rewards that, when nurtured, multiply all on their own – and now we’re sharing all the love, understanding, corn on the cob, music, fresh basil, and open skies with friends and family. Looking forward to the tidbits you share with us about your wonderful journey! Lonna

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