Breaking the silence…

Pioneer Woman, Ponca City, Oklahoma

A month of silence.  How refreshing!

A month of contemplation.  How insightful!

And now, a new year of transformation and freedom.  How exciting!

I don’t often venture out on New Years Eve.  I don’t drink much, and by nature I’m a rather quiet and introverted person.  So my typical New Year’s Eve – last night included – consists of contemplation and setting intentions for the new year ahead. I like to spend the cusp of the turn in meditation, asking the universe to help me understand my intentions for what they are – places in my life to grow and progress.

Notice I said “Intentions,” not “Resolutions.

Resolutions seem too definite for my character to embrace – looming deadlines and guilt when they don’t come to fruition. I don’t believe in the “lose weight,” “get organized” kind of intentions…  they more often than not lead to failure.  I do not embrace failure well.  Besides, I’m already pretty organized.  🙂

“Intentions,” however to me, offer space for change, opportunities to lapse, and prompts for rejuvenation and progression. A trail to evolution. A softer approach. And we all need to treat ourselves with a softer hand and more love.

My words of inspiration for 2012 are Freedom and Transformation.  And within those inspirations lie the following Intentions:

  • Observe a weekly “Sabbath” – a day of quiet and rest. A day to read, introspect, be silent and refrain from technology.
  • Stretch – whether by official “yoga,” or simply allowing my body to expand and open up to breath and breadth.
  • Do not bring home work – I rarely ever do it, and it leaves me with a sense of guilt as I look over at my tote bag. 
  • Take lunch – leave the office and get outside.  Walk, sit, breathe, observe.  Rejuvenate mid-day, daily.
  • Separate home and work – change clothes when I get home at night. Leave my shoes at the door. Wash my face. Leave the outside world outside my back door. My home is a place of renewal and love, not a place to dwell on what happens outside its four walls.
  • Create an exit strategy to leave OWAA by the end of the year.  This is one of only two definite goal/deadline based “intentions” on the list.  Realizing that my current job causes me to lose patience too often, to lose sleep frequently and to lose my soul to stress and aggravation and agitation.  It’s time to look beyond and find a source of spirit-embracing life that leaves me refreshed, encouraged and enthusiastic. Fulfilled.
  • Drink more water – in the form of fresh water and herbal tea.  I already drink a lot, but we can always use more. (Notice, no set quantity, just “more.” This leaves room for daily interpretation.)
  • Cook my meals and stop eating out so often. I have a pantry filled to the brim – time to embrace it more fully.
  • Stop purchasing out of boredom.  I have a house filled with books, music, craft supplies… And outside my back door, I have a ranch with endless places to walk, wildlife to observe, fresh air to breathe.  There’s no excuse to be bored.
  • The last one’s a biggie, and definitely “definite”: Accumulate $11,000 in savings by Dec. 31, 2012.  This will help me to realize the other goal-based intention on the list – to leave my job by the end of the year.

Have you set any intentions for the new year?  Have you brainstormed any ways to embrace yourself with love over the next 12 months?

Well…  It’s Sunday.  Time to envelop myself in silence for one more day.  Tomorrow is my last day off on the winter break, and my plan – my intention – is to cook up a storm so I have no excuse to eat out this next week.

Happy 2012 to you and your family. 

How exciting to have a clean slate at our fingertips.  This year will be a good year for us all.  I can feel it in my heart.

I think I’ll paint my intentions on a clean canvas this morning.  How symbolic…

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One thought on “Breaking the silence…

  1. I’ve also purposed to drink more water, and set aside a dream fund to do a major building project @ our place. We have decided to use up the food in the freezers (and also stuff in the cupboards that just “sits” there) That serves two purposes…empty the freezer before May so we can defrost it and get ready for the 2012 garden season begins…plus save a little money on the food budget. I’m on the same page w/ you in terms of “goals” better to reset my sails and make life style changes than too specific of goals that end up getting broke leaving me frustrated. Chuck Swindol has a book called “three steps forward, two steps backward. that is a great word picture for how change seems to happen in my life. DM

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