Shuttin’ her down

Somehow I managed to post this post as a page. ???  Ahhhh, technology.  My friend.  LOL

A full month after I first saw the colors of autumn beginning to peek through the Alaskan tundra, I’m looking out my own kitchen window at some patches of color here and there on the ranch.  It’s just a matter of time.

The garden is about 75% wrapped up for the year.  I’m impressed with the quantity and quality of produce my little rock patch put out this summer.  Next year’s will be even better!  I’ll be busy the next couple of weekends, hard at work getting things finished up before that first blanket of white gently greets me one morning soon.

To do list for fall:

  • Separate potatoes & put them in burlap sacks – DONE this morning
  • Pull tomatoes & put them in paper sacks to ripen
  • Fix carrot crates & check on moisture level – DONE this morning
  • Pull the rest of the produce in the garden – peppers, squash, one more salad…
  • Make room in barn for the chest freezer/impromptu root cellar
  • Till garden
    • till in garden dregs, sans potato waste
    • empty compost bin & all plant pots and till in
    • put Stabile in the gas tank prior to tilling so it gets through the system.  Run tiller out of gas.
  • Take down electric fence
  • Move gate to the side of the barn
  • Put garden tools back in the barn
  • Pull out snow shovel and ice melt

In addition, I still need to get some pears put up in pear jam and canned pears.  I’d like to find some apples from a local orchard.  Soon I will have a giant pile of tomatoes to process into salsa and tomato sauce.  And if possible, I need to see if I can find myself some last-minute huckleberries at a local farmers market.  It stresses me out to know I only have about 10 jars of huckleberry jam to last me the next nine months.  You just don’t understand!  😉

So autumn is pretty much in full motion now.  LLM is spending every waking moment either working on his new sanctuary, or tromping over hill and over dale on the hunt for the elusive Wapiti. Next weekend is the antelope opener in the Big Hole.  Garden production is wrapping up.  The place is getting cleaned up to sleep for the winter.

Much more to do, so I suppose I ought to get at it.

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