The Life of a Garden

From a wish, to an idea, to a rocky patch of ground, to a tilled plot, to an over grown jungle…   The life of a garden:

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This little garden has put out a lot of produce this year.

The peas and beans are done, the onions pulled and dried, the carrots pulled and packed in sand.  A never ending string of squash enters the house.  My tomato plants are so heavy with fruit that they’re collapsing the cages (but they’re all still green, so they need more time in the hot Montana sun).  I’ve diced up tons of hot peppers and put them in the freezer to pull out when needed…  Perhaps later today I’ll pull the potatoes and let them dry while I’m on vacation.  Pears are picked from the tree, with more falling with a clunk on the roof (feeding the troublesome bear that keeps frequenting the ranch).  Over the next few weeks the kitchen will become a produce processing center.  Today I’m making turkey chili to can.  When I get back from the big city I’ll put up quarts of tomatoes and pints of salsa.  Pears will be canned and more turned into pear honey.  My pantry will be a beautiful and happy place to get me through the long winter.

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