Plans, Alternatives and Things to think about

Hey – this is my 101st blog post!  🙂

I appreciate the support on my North to the Future post!

I’ve decided to give myself a 13-month time frame.  Why 13 months?  Well, for a few reasons.  The first of which is that I want to see this project through to the end that I’m currently working on with Alaska.  The project culminates next September.  Going another 13 months will also give me a solid two and half years in the Executive Director’s position with my organization.  So I’m thinking of my future resume.  🙂

Thirteen months will also give me time to save as much cash as possible.  If I follow a strict budget, I should be able to walk away with about $11,000 in the next year, plus the silver I have – which right now is worth about $1,000.  That’s a nice little nest egg to have.  I may also consider selling the Subaru, too.  It’s the only debt I have, and it freaks me out to owe anyone money.  I don’t like that.

I really love Alaska.  But I’m also open to alternatives.  There are a couple of other places in the lower 48 that I would consider.  The first is the upper peninsula of Michigan.  (Definitely NOT the lower peninsula!)  The U.P. embodies a lot of the same characteristics as Alaska.  Sparsely populated, lots of wildlife (both people and animals!), endless forests, harsh winters, sovereign freedom-minded folks…  I have to take a look at their guns laws to make sure they’re lenient.  I will not live in a place with laws like Chicago again.  Our forefathers gave me a second amendment, and I intend to exercise it!

The other place I’d consider is Maine.  I really loved Maine when I was there last fall.  For many of the same reasons I like the U.P. and Alaska.  And for a bigger city, Portland, Maine is absolutely fabulous!  Not that I would choose to live in the city, but just sayin’.  🙂

Also, two benefits that the U.P. and Maine have over Alaska is the lack of permafrost.  Permafrost makes building difficult.  You have to make sure you prepare your foundation appropriately so the structure doesn’t cause the permafrost to melt, resulting in your house sinking.  Hmmm.  That would suck, huh?

The third potential alternative would be a one-year internship at Turtle Island Preserve.  Turtle Island is the brain child of Eustace Conway – the “Last American Man.”  By engaging in a one-year internship, I would be able to hone my traditional skills. The Preserve runs completely without electricity, and uses traditional American skills to function.  Plowing with horse, cooking over a wood fire, building with hand tools, etc.  It would be a terrific opportunity to learn with hands-on experience some of the skills I want to employ in my own life.  This internship is something I’ve been interested in for several years now.  The only bad part is that, even though Turtle Island is in a rural area, it’s still in the Eastern US.  I don’t go East if I can avoid it (with the exception of Maine).  And I don’t go South.  The Preserve is in North Carolina.  But still, I need to look at what the internship would give me, more than where the internship is located.

So I’m starting to make a plan, and I fully intend to see it through.  A year from now I’ll be finalizing concrete plans for the next chapter in life.  Foremost is a way to make a living wherever this plan takes me.

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4 thoughts on “Plans, Alternatives and Things to think about

  1. Now that’s a plan! I’ve only been to the UP once, but, what a place! My hope is to go back next summer for a week. I also have a dream to go to Maine at least once. The internship sounds fascinating. You are on your way!

    • We grew up near the border of the upper peninsula in northern Wisconsin – it’s a really great place! And Maine is just gorgeous. I highly recommend a pilgrimage there at least once. 🙂

  2. You sound like us! 😉

    We plan on MI even though we really WANT to be out in the rockies. It’s SO cheap in the UP and has all the elements you want. The gun laws are not as loose as say Vermont but they are NOT bad. 🙂 Best of luck with your plan!

    • The Rockies are fantastic – but there’s not a lot of water, and the soil is really, umm, Rocky. So really, the upper midwest is better for sustainability.

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