It’s a jungle out there!

I’m about 36 seconds away from sacrilege.  Garden sacrilege.

You see, something happened while I was out-of-town in Utah a few weeks ago.  My garden exploded.  Like gardens do…

This year’s garden was substantially smaller than the 2,400 square feet that I had been sharing with LLM over the past couple of summers.  When he sold the sanctuary, I had to spring into action and dig a garden at my place.  It’s definitely no 80 x 30 Garden of Eden.  More like a 20 x 15 jungle of no return.  What it comes down to is that I think I put in too many plants.

Actually – there are just two problem children that are causing the chaos:  tomatoes, and the always-profuse squash.  Between the two, the plot has gotten to the point where I can’t even wade through parts of it.

I wasn’t even going to plant squash this year simply because any time they find their way into the garden, the gardener winds up lousy with squash.  They’re prolific producers.  I was adamant about not planting squash.  Well then, as they do – things happen.  I let LLM talk me into planting squash.  Okay.  So maybe I’ll pop in one or two plants.  But that’s it!  So we started a couple of seeds in peat pots along with some other seeds.  Transplanted them, and all was well.  Well, then, they started not looking too good. So what did I do?  I let LLM dig three more seeds into each mound “just in case”  AND, I let him dig a couple of seeds in with my potatoes in a couple holes where the seed potatoes didn’t take…  Basically – where I wanted no squash plants, I now have about 10.  Some of which are taller than my waist!  And now my garden resembles the little shop of horrors!

Feed Me Seymour!

So far I have eight zucchini still on my counter (I don’t wish to share how many have been eaten over the past two weeks), and I counted about twenty more flowers on the plants out there.  More importantly than just knowing that I’ll be lousy in zucchini, is the fact that they’re crowding out other plants.  I can’t even get at my basil, which I can see has gone to flower.  😦  And I think they’re robbing nutrients, space and sun from my tomatoes.

Ahhh, the tomatoes.  I put in a lot of tomato plants this year.  A lot of em.  Thirteen if I remember correctly.  All different varieties.  My Golden Nugget tomatoes (yellow cherry tomatoes) are fruiting like gangbusters, and I can’t even tell you how many more tomato-lets are sprouting on most of the plants.  But they’re a bit too close together.  I had to pull a plant the other day – my Brandywines.  The plant was sickly looking and not putting on any flowers.  The leaves were tightly curling.  Just not looking good.  So I yanked it out for the benefit of the rest.  But the rest of the plants have morphed into a giant tangle of vines, flowers and tomatoes.  I don’t know where one plant ends and another starts.

So the sacrilege I’m thinking of performing is heading out there, donning leather gloves, to yank a couple (at least!) of the zucchini plants.  I’m sure I won’t suffer a shortage of squash this year.  I can probably do with a couple-a-few less plants out there.  Plus it will give me a little bit of much-needed space to be able to get at some of the other plants.

I’ve already started putting a lot of thought into next year’s garden.  I vow not to have this jungle of no return in my yard again.  First, I simply need a bigger plot.  So this fall, after all is said and done and I’m tilling the dregs into the soil to compost over the winter, I think I’ll expand the plot a little bit.  Then maybe expand it a little more in spring when I’m getting the plot ready to plant.  Secondly, I need to plan my layout a little better.  And third.  I need to NOT let LLM talk me into squash plants again.  He’s in the process of building a new sanctuary.  We’ll plant all the squash he wants in HIS garden.  🙂

So with that, it’s time to fill the water bottle, pull on the leather gloves, and head out into the jungle to perform sacrilege.  Garden sacrilege.  Pictures to come…

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One thought on “It’s a jungle out there!

  1. Since I know the danger of leaving your car window down during harvest season in any area where gardens are prolific in zucchini- I just wanted to offer a suggestion regarding your prolific zucchini: slice and dry them (dehydrator/oven) with a little seasoning, (or plain, just dip in Ranch dressing) they make great CHIPS to snack on! A little baggie 1/2 full will take the edge off hunger pangs with something less ‘sinful’ than potato chips.
    I imagine packed up festively, or in a jar, perhaps even mixed up with some other finely sliced and dried veggies (for color), that they would make a nice gift to someone.
    I can’t wait to get gardening again, but I’m sure one zucchini plant will do!

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