Losing their grip

LLM tells me people are starting to lose their grip.  I’d imagine he might be right.

We’ve got a fugitive militia-man on the loose up in the mountains around here.  Sounds like he might have gone off the deep end…  Only in Montana, right?

He got pulled over last week, and told the cop that it would take a SWAT team to take him down, and that he wouldn’t be taken down again like last time.  As the story goes, this guy headed up the Project 7 militia that was involved in a stand off with deputies up around Kalispell 9 or 10 years ago.  Of course he ended up in prison.  So now he’s out on parole and causing problems for himself.  I’m not sure exactly what prompted him to say that to the cops the other day. ???  Sounds like he might be making a self-fulfilling prophecy for himself.  So he lead the cops on a chase on Sunday, which ended up on the top of Wagon Mountain with him shooting at the police, then running into the woods.  Wagon Mountain’s just a few miles from here.  Apparently he’s still on the loose.

There’s so much insanity going on these days.  Between the news folks get blasted at them from every angle, to the everyday strangle hold the local authorities are exerting over our lives, to just the plain old stress of trying to makes ends meet in our failing economy – I really think LLM might be right.  People are finally losing their grip.

Although it’s only word of mouth, I hear an elderly couple were out on a walk up a forest road in the Bitterroot on Sunday and were apprehended by some Federal fish and wildlife guys who arrested them on state land because they were in an area where ducks were nesting.  Um… okay.  So they got arrested, flown in a chopper to a landing area, loaded up in a hummer, taken to their home, unarrested, then given a $500 fine each.  I’m trying to figure out how two elderly people walking in the woods would disturb ducks more than a chopper. In an area where ducks don’t nest.  Again – I’m not too sure of the story.  But if it’s true, then I guess folks have a reason to be losing it. Seems like over kill to me…  If it’s true.

I think we’re going to start hearing more and more odd ball stories like this in the coming months.  I suppose there’s only so much people can take before they go off the deep end.  Luckily I’m not close to the edge yet.  I’m blissfully enjoying life, and gardens, and mountains, and the promise of spring (um, yes, in mid-June. I swear spring is coming! It can’t snow forever…).

But as the saying goes:  “Trust in God, and tie up your camel.”  So until Mr. Militia is caught, the rifle’s fully loaded and next to the bed.  And I’m on the lookout for people losing their grip.  I suggest you be, too.

On the Green Front:  The garden’s really springing to life – despite the repeated appearance of new snow in the high country.  Got the rest of my tomatoes and hot peppers planted on Saturday, and some string strung for the pea plants.  It looks like I’m only a couple days away from munching on my first radishes of the season.  Hmmm.  Just in time for summer to break in on the calendar.  (Only on the calendar, but not on the weather report!)

The plot is filled with growing green goodness: radishes, tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, carrots, potatoes, squash, onions, lettuce and some herbs.  Looking forward to a warm day that I know will come, and I’ll be able to graze in the garden for dinner.  I’m sure that day will come this year – even if it’s in August!

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