Happy End of the World Day

Anyone still out there?

Yeah, me too.

Although, for a minute there around 6 o’clock I thought I had been raptured.  75 degrees, light winds, perfectly sunny sky, garden darn near fully planted, micro brew in my hand, song birds a-singing…  It had to be paradise!  Then I got bit by a mosquito and I realized, yep – I’m still in Montana.  Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between Paradise and Montana.  I s’pose that’s a good thing.  Just for good measure maybe I’ll read some Proverbs or something tonight.  Next weekend I have a friend who’s getting baptized into the Mormon church. Not that that has anything to do with anything.  But I guess I’m happy the rapture didn’t happen today so he can go through with his plans.

As for my day?  Totally productive.

I started the morning off with some locally roasted coffee.  Then took off for the ‘Root.

Went down to LLM’s sister’s place this morning.  She runs a farmers market out of their pasture on Saturday mornings – so I drove down and picked up some tomato plants, hot pepper plants, basil, cilantro and chives.  Oh and a dozen eggs that she threw in for good measure.  Got everything planted…

… and the seed starts that I had in peat pots re-planted.  Also planted some marigolds and moon flowers (or something like that) by the back door.  And after I was done planting and re-potting, I managed to get most of the doggy spots in the yard raked up and sprinkled with fertilizer and grass seed, then got to weeding a couple areas around the bushes.  I was outside for about 7 hours straight today.  And boy howdy did it feel good!

I picked up seven different types of tomatoes at Tracey’s, plus five hot pepper plants, and four different basil plants…  At this point in the day I don’t remember much.  Except the purple basil (because it’s purple), and some golden nugget tomatoes.  Tomorrow my brain will function better.  Good thing I stuck the name sticks in by each plant… That way I’ll remember what I planted!  🙂

I wish I could say LLM’s day was as good.  But over in White Sulphur Springs, Montana, it rained and was windy and cold all day.  I hated to tell him that I was sunburned and hanging in the back yard with a beer when he called.  But hey – it’s not like the weather is my fault.  😉  But they got the roof done on his shack, and some other miscellaneous stuff taken care of.  So even though the day wasn’t quite as beautiful over there, at least it was just as productive.

So with that, I think it’s time to hit the couch with the doggers and do some reading.  They’ve been calling for rain everyday this week, but it’s ended up sunny each day.  Tomorrow they’re calling for thunderstorms, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

I’m glad the world didn’t end today.  It was a perfectly beautiful day – so in reality it would have been a fabulous “last day on earth”…  but I’m just not ready to end it all.

If it rains tomorrow, I think that will make a good day to do some bread baking and soup making! And maybe some embroidery.  I have a couple projects in mind…

See y’all tomorrow.  🙂

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