Just a quickie…

Got my beans and peas put in after work today. Boy, there are a lot of rocks in that plot! LOL Oh well, such is life. But I pulled off four row of peas (short rows at that, up in the very corner of the garden), and put in two long rows of beans. Each bean row has about 20 or so plants, so that will give me quite a few beans for canning and pickling. I’m not planning to do much with the peas – probably just eat them fresh out of the garden as they ripen. They’re best that way anyway!

While digging around out there, I noticed that all 35 of my onion plants have now officially popped up. Yay! So the only things left to plant are the tomatoes, peppers and basil. Looks like that may happen this weekend, if the rain holds off. LLM decided that we should go out of town for Memorial Day next weekend, so I’ll have to get down to his sister’s on Saturday and pick up a bunch of plants for the last corner of the garden.

And, in all my glory, I gardened in a skirt after work today. The weather’s finally warming up enough to leave my ankles bare, and wear my Chacos. It felt so good to strap on an apron this evening and hit the soil. I can’t explain why, but I absolutely LOVE gardening in a skirt. It’s just a little simple pleasure that makes me smile. As much as I love winter, the one thing I’m not so enamored with is that I’m relegated to pants most of the time (or at best, leggings and tall boots under a skirt). I much prefer skirts – so when that time of year comes, and the sun starts shining, the one thing I look forward to the most is wearing skirts!

Welcome back, Spring. It’s good to feel you again!

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