Mary, Mary, quite Contrary, how does your garden grow?

With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row…

Things are really starting to pop over the past few days.  It seems like just days ago it was still snowing. (well, actually, in the mountains it still IS snowing!)  But the leaves are unfurling on the trees, the arrow balsams, glacier lilies and dandelions are blooming like crazy, and my little garden is starting to come together.

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I’ve transplanted eight squash plants into bigger pots – their next stop is the garden.  My marigolds and green tomato plants are popping in their peat pots and will need to be transplanted soon as well.  Last weekend LLM and I planted the potatoes and onions.  The onions are starting to push through the soil, but no sign of the potatoes yet.  And yesterday I planted two and a half rows of carrots and a little patch of radishes.

We realized that we didn’t leave any room to plant lettuce or spinach.  Next time LLM rolls through town we may try to till up a little more of the grass to add a couple rows of each.  But this afternoon I’m going to plant some lettuce seeds in a couple pots that I have on the back walk.  Might as well give the contain gardening another try.  My tomato and pepper plants didn’t do anything in containers last year – but I think lettuce is a bit more forgiving.  Besides, it comes up so quickly and has a rather short grow-life, so I should know pretty soon if it’s going to work or not.  Methinks it will.

This past weekend we got the fence put in place, too.  But with the location of the garden, I don’t think we’re going to have much trouble with the deer.  They don’t like getting in confined spaces, so the positioning of the garden should make it pretty safe.  But just to be sure, we put up a fence gate across the back and put a little electric fence across the front.  You would have laughed watching LLM and me testing that darn electric fence.  It took us a little bit to realize that our rubber soled shoes were saving us from being shocked, but then LLM kneeled down on the ground and touched it and ~*~ZAP~*~  He got a good one!  🙂  He was trying to convince me that I should be the one to test it because he has a bad heart.  I had to remind him that his cardiologist told him the injury damage had pretty much repaired itself over the past 10 years.  HA!  So he was the one to get the shock.  Sometimes it pays to be the woman with the good memory.  🙂

I have to say I’m really pleased with the transformation of the garden over the past few weeks.  It went from a patch of grass, to a rock filled dirt field, to a plot that’s starting to produce some plants.  Although it’s not nearly as big and beautiful as the garden at the sanctuary, it’ll do just fine for this year.  I’m just happy to have plants growing just steps from my back door.  How’s that for being a “locavore”?  🙂

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One thought on “Mary, Mary, quite Contrary, how does your garden grow?

  1. Lanie

    Great read as usual Robin and I agree that seeing the progression of a big patch of grass to a tilled plot and then to plant veggies and see them grow feels like a nice accomplishment. Gardens are so wonderful. 🙂 I am happy to hear that you will have fresh veggies within steps from your door. 🙂 I always enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

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