Temper, temper…

My Mother instilled many amazing qualities in my Sister and me: Resourcefulness, domesticity, creativity, wanderlust…  Just to name a few. Unfortunately, the one characteristic (because I hesitate to call it a quality) that I’m not terribly fond of is an explosive temper. My Sister and I both suffer from it – it can take a lot to get us to that point, but once we cross the threshold, Lord have mercy.  I pity anyone within verbal striking distance!  Of course, once it’s been released, at least for me, then its gone.  Thankfully.  My Mom was pretty much the same way – she’d blow her top, then return to her normal, calm and collected demeanor. I venture to say my Sister is the same way as well.  I can say that I really don’t hold grudges.

With all the turmoil continuing to plague the folks in this country, yea even this world – rising food and fuel prices, continued joblessness, lying and cheating politicians raping the finances of the nations, increasing control over our everyday lives – I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to stay away from the media at all costs.  I go on media-hiatus from time to time for this very reason.  My blood pressure simply can’t handle it.  This is not to say I am ignorant of the problems and the rapid decline of our once-great nation.  I am not one of the sleeping masses.  But for my own mental well being, I need to re-focus my attentions.  Besides, I have a job that causes me enough stress – I don’t need to add to that with circumstances I have little control over.

Sometimes it’s best to let the men-folk fret and yell and worry and curse the establishment. After all, aren’t we supposed to be the more gentle sex?

It’s fair to say I read a good number of blogs – many of them written by those fretting, yelling, cursing men.  Although not a blogger himself, my LLM is also one of those growling and cantankerous men-folk.  Sometimes there are issues going on in the world or here in our country that I feel I should write about…  but then I realize the blogosphere is overflowing with commentary on the same issues.

In trying to work on my temper, for now I think it’s safe to say that I need to focus my attentions within the home.  To continue my domestic preps, further expand the pantry and learn to use all that’s within it in an efficient way, plant and care for the garden and make my household the center of my concern.

I’m not one to take the proverbial stand.  In my humble opinion, women are not soldiers.  I’m a relatively traditional woman and believe in definite gender roles and division of labor.  I prefer to be the source of calm in the storm – not the storm itself.  And if that means the source of calm within my household while the men are fretting, yelling and cursing, then that is my duty.  My contribution.  My right to excel as a domestic goddess.  And when the doo-doo finally does hit the fan – which I’m convinced is closer than ever – then it is also my duty to provide that sense of calm and continuity as best I can while the world rages and whirls outside these four walls.

So here’s to calm tempers and green gardens.  And to composure in the face of the storm.

In the words of H H Shivkrupanand Swamiji:

“Keep control over today.  That is the only thing in your hands …”

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One thought on “Temper, temper…

  1. Lanie Alexandria Costeas McCain

    Fabulous writing as usual. I always enjoy reading your blog. I too must disconnect from the media and am a old fashioned woman that believes in traditional gender roles. I think our world would be alot happier without women acting like men or leading mens lives. Domesticity is a lost art that must be recaptured or we will never enjoy true bliss in our households again. God bless the domestic Goddess!

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