Seems impossible, but…

I walked out of the grocery store today, and for the first time in ages I don’t feel like I got taken… by force!  Safeway had some good sales this week – BOGO on chicken breasts and big boxes of strawberries.  $1 a can (or less) on some of the canned goods I needed to replenish.  Even my fancy schmancy hummus that I like was on sale.  Usually I plan on about $20/bag anymore.  A couple years ago I figured that it was $10/bag – so food had doubled in price in not a long time period.  Makes me happier and happier that I have a deep pantry.  Wish I had more room -I’d store even more.  But I came home with about 8 bags today for $85.  Granted – there were quite a few canned goods, so the bags weren’t filled to the top.  But still…  Appearances are everything!

Been hearing an awful lot about hyperinflation coming our way soon.  Spurred by some comments made by some higher up at Wally World.  We’ll see if it comes to pass.  Not sure I can see a reason why it won’t.  But even if things continue on this frayed thread of an existence, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I plan to hit up the Belknap Store this weekend.  The Amish store up in St. Ignatius was okay, but I need to replenish some dry goods in a more major way.  So up to T-Falls I go…  I plan to fill the back of the Suby so I don’t have to make that trek again soon.  250 miles round trip is an awfully long drive.  But at least it’s a pretty one.  Hoping for some nice weather.

Speaking of T-Falls…  LLM’s sanctuary is not long for this world.  He sold the homestead about 9 months ago, but got a sweet deal where he could stay there until May 1st…  rent free.  He’s been increasingly cranky as the time nears.  He built the cabin himself, by hand.  Lived off the land.  Made the place his own.  But he wanted out from under the debt service.  Needless to say, as soon as he signed the papers he regretted it.  He still hasn’t bought a new place yet with the proceeds.  His mind is pulling between Montana and Alaska.  We’ll see what happens.  The whole world is up in the air right now.  *shrug*

Need to start some seeds soon.  I’m about 5-6 weeks out from being able to safely plant.  The landlord’s going to skim my plot soon, then I just need to get a truck load of manure and till it in.  Really looking forward to digging my hands in the dirt.  It’s that time of year where everything’s in limbo.  Winter activities are pretty much done, but it’s not nice enough outside to do anything spring or summer-like.  So for the time being I’m dreaming of plants and working on the pantry.

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3 thoughts on “Seems impossible, but…

  1. Lanie Alexandria Costeas McCain

    Enjoy your treck up to the Belknap store this weekend. I hope it is nice weekend for a pretty drive. I am keeping you in my prayers and hope that the future holds only the very best things for you. I love reading your blog it keeps me connected to what you are up to. I worked on the soil around our property for around another 3 and a half hours today and though there is still much to do It feels very good and nourishing to see all I have accomplished not to mention I will be sleeping like a baby tonight due to the tilling and fresh air. Love you girly! ❤

  2. Thats an all round great article…

  3. What a well executed read…

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