Snowicane (like a snow hurricane)

While we’re not getting the sheer magnitude of snow the folks out east are seeing, today’s definitely a quintessential Montana winter day.  They said it was going to snow, so I thought it would be a great day to head up to the ski hill.  Ummmmm.  I don’t recall hearing anything about this wind that’s accompanying the snow!  It’s darn near a hurricane out there – what I’ve termed the “Snowicane.”  So Bella and I are hunkered down inside, eating (way too hot) chili, drinking chocolate milk and catching up on blog reading.

Mayberry has been writing a fantastic story over the past few months.  It had trailed off for a few weeks, but he picked it back up again a few days ago, and it’s amazingly exciting.  Filled with good ideas and knowledge to consider, too.  I highly recommend heading over to: and starting from the beginning.  It’s written in diary style, and I’m totally hooked.

It’s hard to think about gardening with the snowicane outside… but I probably need to start considering what I want to grow this summer.  And I can guarantee you I won’t be ordering seed from the “big” seed companies – I learned a lot about them over the past two years, including that many of their seeds are genetically modified.  No thanks.  I want to stick to items that can be canned, or otherwise stored for a good long time.  Carrots will be grown, but I’m not going to can them again.  Canned carrots are icky.  I still have several jars in the pantry, and I just don’t know what to do with them.  I can probably come up with some kind of “root cellar” contraption out in the barn for the carrots and potatoes.  I hear storing root veggies in coolers and/or galvanized trash cans can be easy to do without having to dig up the yard and building an honest-to-goodness root cellar.  I picked up a root cellaring book a couple months ago, but haven’t read it yet.  Too many books, not enough time.

I need to yank out an old notebook that I had started that listed the skills I wanted to learn.  Some of them have been figured out, but there are others I haven’t even touched yet.  Reading Mayberry’s story kind of kicks my butt back into action.  Since I’m not doing anything else this afternoon, perhaps I’ll re-visit the list.

Stay warm!

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