A Lesson in Being Content

After thinking long and hard, and after listening to the wise input of friends and family, I think I’m going to by-pass the farm house.  It breaks my heart because I want a garden so bad.  The house is really neat, and there’s a lot to like about it.  But the financial demands that the leasing company laid out, coupled with the issues of the house itself, are just too much to feel okay with.  I like the house, but not enough to be taken advantage of in order to live there.  There are plenty of farm houses with room for gardens…  I don’t have to have that one.  The leasing company didn’t call back today, either.  You would think they would have called back since it seems they’re a little money-hungry.  So when they call next week I’ll just tell them I’ve thought better of the place and will be moving on.


So tomorrow I’ll go visit my landlords and apologize for causing upheaval on the ranch by telling them I was considering moving.  Perhaps they’ll be amenable to letting me put in a little garden down by the creek this spring.  Maybe I’ll bake them some fresh bread and bring a jar of jam as a peace offering.  I really wish the leasing company would have told me everything before I called my landlord.  I could have saved a lot of heart-ache and embarrassment.

The good part is that now I don’t have to cram my budget over the holidays.  The house really came up at the wrong time anyway.   After buying a plane ticket to the Big City for Christmas, and buying presents, I didn’t have much room in this month’s budget to cram in an extra $2500.  I want to be able to enjoy myself with friends and family while in Chicago later this month, and had I decided to pursue the house, then I wouldn’t have had the financial freedom to have as much fun as possible while I’m there.

The lesson here is that I need to be content where I’m at.  I really live in a nice house, and I couldn’t ask for much more (except a garden plot).  The rent is less than the farm house would have been, which means I can save more money.

New plan of attack: See how much money I can save over the next year or two, and start looking for that little farm house I can call my own.  A farm house free of leasing companies and mice.  A farm house with a nice deep bath tub.  A farm house with plenty of room for gardens and chickens.  A farm house where I can pursue my off-grid dreams.

For 2011 I vow to be more content in life…  I deserve that.

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3 thoughts on “A Lesson in Being Content

  1. Dawn

    Being content with what we have isn’t always easy, but once you’ve reached that place, it brings a valuable lesson. That being said, I have to tell you I am more than happy you aren’t moving into the house…You may be an adult, but you’re still my little sister and I worry about you. 🙂

  2. Good for you! Allow me to introduce myself to you. I started reading your blog awhile ago, because I was very interested in learning how someone would ditch the grid. Not that it would be possible in my home of high tech men, but one day, I would love to have a more simple life by choice. When I read the other day of your dream house being available, I wanted to cheer you on! But, I am just as glad that you’ve come to the place where being content with what you have is really what you want. I hope you are able to save money in the next couple years and find your special farm house.
    Jennifer H.

  3. I understand completely. I currently live in an expensive rental in the middle of Austin, TX. I hate renting but its cheaper usually.I just got a roommate to live ina 2 bedroom house with my two little girls. My girls and I share one room and my roommate,friend in another.We do have a beutiful garden however. It pains me to here you can not have a garden, I do not understand why they would not want that. Hopefully they let you have it or I suggest you do move,but to a cheaper place. I live inthe city but have chickens and a mini farm. I know its expensive to move but if you move to a cheaper place and a place that lets you garden,you could sav a lot in the long run. Your blog is similar to mine with all the wanting to move and everything. i am glad I got a roommate as well,I do not mind sharing a room with my girls. Thanks for you blog keep writing and take care!

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