Contemplating some moves…

I’d like to preface this by saying that I really like where I live.  I have mountains right out my back door, a creek running just a hundred yards away.  There are horses… and cows.  Lovely neighbors and incredible landlords.  There’s very little that this place doesn’t have that I want.

What are those things?  A usable bathtub, for one.  I have a tub in the main bathroom, but it’s essentially useless.  I tried to use it a couple times, but it’s really meant for little kids.  Not deep enough, and never enough hot water in the water heater to fill the tub completely.  I know that doesn’t mean much to the average person, but I need my tub.  The other thing is that I can’t have my own garden here.  Or chickens.  I’ve been living precariously through LLM’s garden for the past two years…  I want my own.  As much as I love my landlords, I jokingly call them the lawn-Nazis.  Not to their face, of course.  But they’re a little over-bearing on the lawn maintenance.  I really have to stretch my imagination back to when this was an honest, working cattle ranch.  You’d never know it by the carpet of green that greets you at the stone gates.

So, for the past year and a half that I’ve lived here, I drive up and down Mullen Road into town from time to time.  There’s the cutest little farm house/cottage across from one of the churches about 10 miles in closer to town.  There are no immediate neighbors – save for the church.  And the back yard, you can tell from the road, is a garden heaven.  I’ve always said that if that place ever comes up for sale, I’m going to buy it.  Well…

Apparently the place is a rental.  On my way back from town yesterday, I noticed a brand spanking new “now renting” sign out front.  Now, I know nothing about this house.  How many bedrooms, what kind of shape it’s in, etc.  But I made a mental note of the leasing company as I zipped by at 55 mph.  I’ll give them a call tomorrow and see what I can find out.  The only bad part is that it’s pretty close to the road.  Right now I live on a private road, off another private road, off a country road, off a frontage road.  So there’s no real traffic to speak of around here.  Just me and my immediate neighbors.

But man, since I saw that sign yesterday I’ve been dying.  Knowing that I could have my own garden come springtime is really attractive.  I went to the website for the leasing company, but there’s nothing up there for that house right now.

So who knows…  I may have a new place to live.  I’m pretty content out here in Frenchtown, but at the same time it sure would be nice to walk out my back door and into my own little kitchen garden.

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