Of Basil and Dehydrators

So I have some basil plants.

Actually…  I have several basil plants.

I like basil.  What can I say?  (Cinnamon basil, regular basil, Thai basil… a couple of each…)

So I noticed that said basil plants were going insane – producing much more basil than I could use on a daily basis.  I decided that I should pull the dehydrator down and get some of it dried for use at a later date.  According to the little book that came with my dehydrator and it told me that drying herbs should take 24 hours on 95 degrees.

I’m now over 36 hours, even after upping the temperature.  Still not totally dried.  Certainly not dried enough to put in a jar in my cabinet.  So I plugged in the dehydrator again when I came home from work.  I don’t feel comfortable keeping it going all day when I’m not home.  I may turn up the temperature again.

Soon I will have dried basil.  Probably just in time to pluck a bunch more off the plants to be dried.

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4 thoughts on “Of Basil and Dehydrators

  1. Dawn

    Hmmmmm – you may laugh, but I’ve dried my basil in the car in summer. Cut the branch, tied it with string at the base and hung it on the clothing rack in the back seat on a hot, sunny day. Park in the sun with the windows closed and presto ~ dried basil. An added bonus – the car smells amazing too!

  2. I’m not equipped with a dehydrator, but I use every little leaf of my basil plants anyway, making real genovese pesto. You need to add good olive oil and parmesan cheese. I usually make quite a few dozen small jars for my freezer.

  3. Ray

    I stack my surplus basil and other herbs on a paper towel and every time I pass by I give it a roll and toss it around a little. In a week or so, its ready to jar.


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