High Summer

It’s funny.

Four days ago I had my heat on… today, it’s 88 degrees and sweltering.

I know for my friends back east that must seem like a cool front these days.  But for me, it’s almost unbearable.  I haven’t broken down and gone to the barn for a fan yet – but I’m thinking about it.  This house seems to be pretty well insulated.  On these oppressive days I can close all the blinds and windows first thing in the morning, and when I come home in the evening it’s still about 70 in here.  When the sun sits low in the sky, and the breezes pick up a little in the late evening, I open the windows back up and drink in the cool overnight air.  By morning the house is about 56 degrees.  Perrrrrr-fect.

(Ha – just went out to the barn and grabbed a little box fan…  Bella is absolutely astonished and confused by this humming contraption pushing cool air at her.  Oops – not astonished enough… She just went to lay down on my bed!  LOL)

I must say that I’m absolutely loving my little window herb garden these days.  The parsley is going insane, the basil is the epitome of health, the oregano is coming back from the brink of death, my chives are reaching for the sky, and my little baby tiny tim tomato is putting on a few little flowers.  I adore the greenery in the window above my sink.  It helps frame the perfect view.

A quick update on LLM…  he’s not sick with a traditional cold.  Apparently this goes back to the source of all of his recent problems.  An antibiotic that he was prescribed back in April (that, it’s fair to note, was not needed in the first place due to a misdiagnosis – and he took against his better judgement).  This antibiotic was supposed to be for an infected tooth, which he swore was not infected – just cracked.  But this crackpot dentist couldn’t see the crack (that both of us could see plain as day when a flashlight was shown on the tooth).  Turns out – yes, it was cracked.  No need for the antibiotic.  But it was too late… the damage was done.  He suffered from some pretty major side effects, including a bout of colitis that lasted about 6 weeks.  Now he has lumps all over the back of his tongue and throat, and he said he can feel them all the way down into his stomach.  (Got me, but that’s what he says anyway.)  He went back to the doctor on Tuesday and she ran a spat of tests and came up with nothing.  But looking at the side effects of all these different drugs he’s been on trying to combat the side effects from the first one, it looks like he’s having another bad reaction.  That poor guy.  No wonder he’s so utterly cantankerous lately.

I’m hoping I head up that way this weekend because the huckleberries should be starting to pop.  I’m down to one jar of huckleberry jam, and I think I might go insane if I run out.  If LLM’s still feeling cucky and I can’t get up that way (where the Sanctuary is, is the huckleberry capitol of the world… seriously!) I may end up heading up to this little ghost town in the mountains east of here called Coloma.  When I took my sister and nephew there last summer we found a pretty good patch of hucks.  So I may head up and do some pickin’ if I can’t get up to the Sanctuary.  A new batch of huckleberry jam is just around the corner!

In the meantime, it looks like the breeze is starting to pick up outside.  Time to open some windows!

I’ll leave you with a rainbow I was blessed with over the weekend:

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3 thoughts on “High Summer

  1. Lanie

    I adore your window herb garden! How pretty and resourceful it is. My cats would not allow me to have one like it. I do have 3 kinds of basil in my herb garden including cinnamon basil which is fantastic in indian food with chutney. I think that is one of the most beautiful rainbows I have ever seen. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your world with me today. I love ya!

    • LOL When I had cats, there was no way I could have any kind of a plant (or fresh flowers for that matter) anywhere in the house. I swear they could find a way to destroy them even if they were hanging from the ceiling!

      Cinnamon basil ROCKS! We’ve had some the past two years, and I absolutely love it. I have a plant outside my back door. 🙂

  2. It’s posts like this that keep me coming back and checking this site regularly, thanks for the info!

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