Is the heat supposed to be on???

July4th.  I had to turn on the heat last night.  May have to do it again this evening.  I think it’s supposed to be in the low 40s overnight.  So much for summer.  Although, they claim it might be back in the 80s by late-week.

I think LLM’s cantankerous attitude has gotten the best of him… now he’s sick as a dog.  This, I think, is a good thing.  It’ll force him to slow down, take a rest, and with any luck mend himself.  He called last night to inquire about the white spots in the back of his throat.  Uh.  Yeah…  Needless to say, I stayed home this weekend.  I’m not much in the mood for strep myself.  I love to share – believe me I do.  But I think I’ll pass this time around.

Nothing terribly “homesteady” going on this weekend.  I’m taking the long three days to just mellow out.  Take naps on the couch with the puppers.  Stay up late making necklaces.  Cook giant pots of chicken soup.  Drink chocolate milk.  Read books. It’s pretty self-indulgent, but I like it.  I may take  a ride up in the mountains behind the house tomorrow.  It’s supposed to rain, so I’ll play it by ear.  The one thing I do have to get done at some point is re-potting some chives, oregano and a baby tomato plant that are hanging out on my kitchen window sill.  The baby tomato is called a Tiny Tim Tomato.  🙂  Apparently the fruit only gets about marble sized.

Bella and I just got back from playing in the creek.  Well – she played, I tossed sticks and laughed.  She’s sound asleep on the couch – must have been a successful play date.  Sometimes you have to overlook the little things, like wet paws, when they’re so cute, zonked out on the couch.

She doesn’t seemed bothered in the least by the people who are still blowing off fireworks.

I strung three necklaces over the past couple of days…  I needed something new and fun to wear.  I was somewhat inspired by the Tribal Trust Foundation charity collection by Adesso.

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Enjoy the rest of your own restful weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Is the heat supposed to be on???

  1. I noticed one of your goals was tanning a hide. Justin *so* wants to learn to do this. Have you done any of it yet?

    • Yes – I did tan a hide this past fall. A whitetail buck that my LLM shot during hunting season. I wrote about it on this post: Didn’t end up doing anything with the hide post-tanning. It just joined a bunch of other hides in a pile in the house. But I did learn to do it, and look forward to trying it again this coming hunting season.

      Thanks for visiting!

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