Warning: it’s a lament of sorts – at least the first part…

Wow, I’ve got me an awful restless streak these days.  I dunno what’s up.




I’ll be damned if I know what’s up.  Am I too young for a mid-life crisis?

Maybe I’m picking it up from LLM.  He’s been in an awful mood that seems to get worse by the day.  Been goin’ on since Easter-time.  That man needs to head back to the north-land and find his soul in the wilderness again…  Set up a trappin’ line outside his cabin and snare himself some peace of mind.  In the meantime, he’s driving me insane.  How’s that Craig and Terry song go?

Changin’ roads, changin’ shows.  It don’t matter where ya go. There’s a new job just a-waitin’ down the road, across some bay.  Bigger wood and better ground.  If the pancakes ain’t too round: that’s the job I’m lookin’ for, and that’s where I’m gonna stay.

I’m gonna blame that dang brushin’ job he’s been on for the past year.  That man’s an elite chopper logger – one of the best sawyers that walks the Northwest…  The epitome of Paul Bunyan.  And he’s been relegated to thinning brush for slave-wages.  Day by day he’s resembling more of a caged animal.  Wild-eyed, clawing at the bars to get free again. The timber industry is dead in Montana.  Sad to say.

I just got off the phone with him, and he sounds better than he has in a couple weeks anyway.  I was listening to him and his dog get attacked by roosters.  That was funny – from my end anyway.  So I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a better weekend this week…  I’ll feed him bottles of Lindeman’s Lambic, foofy cheese and chocolate.  Hopefully that will sweeten his mood a bit.

I’m wondering if I made a mistake taking this Directorship.  (Ha!  Almost typed Dictatorship!)  That may be part of my own restlessness…  I suddenly feel like I have to be significantly more responsible and serious than I want to be.  And now I’m worrying about money and bills, when I’ve never had to do that.  Hell, it’s not even my checking account or bills!  Maybe it’s just growing pains.  Hopefully life will mellow out soon enough.  In the meantime I have this insane urge to don my baggy jeans, Birkenstocks and an apron top and hit the road again.

Okay – enough of the lament…

The chickens are enormous.  The garden is growing by leaps and bounds now that the sun decided to come out again.  And there appears to be a bumper crop of Huckleberries on the horizon.  Can you say jars and jars and jars of homemade Huckleberry jam?  I can say YUMMMMMM.  🙂

LLM, Bella and Speckle-Boy the Rooster

Did I mention the bear’s been back?  He tore the screen off the coop, left muddy paw prints on the door, but luckily didn’t get any chicken for dinner.  That bear’s days are numbered, I swear!

The peas are lookin’ all happy these days. 🙂

Some pretty flowers from LLM’s Dad, and one seriously healthy Raspberry patch!

It was awful hot last weekend, so we decided to get up high and take a hike up Mount Headly.  (Got stopped less than a mile from the summit because of too much snow.  Forgot to take a picture.)

Look over there!

The Vermillion Drainage.

Ghost Trees in the high alpine forest.

The dusty trail…

The Noxon Damn at full-flow.  After the hike we decided we needed a pizza and a beer, so we headed north to Noxon and the Herford – some of the best pizza in Western Montana.  Not to mention the funnest proprietor in the north woods, Jerry.  🙂

Also on the agenda this past week was settin’ up another 100 pounds of wheat for storage.  I now have hard red, hard white and soft white wheat stored up.  I’m loving my new GrainMaker mill – my bread rises higher and tastes better than I could have ever imagined.  There’s something special about bread made from fresh-ground wheat.  Tasty stuff.  Looking forward to a new batch of Huckleberry jam to add to the mix.  😉

So there ya have it.  A quick run down since I haven’t updated in a few days.  My soul got lost somewhere this past week, and just haven’t been up for posting.  I’m hopin’ the funk has passed.

Happy July 4th!

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6 thoughts on “Restlessssss…

  1. Lanie

    Hi there girly, do not fret the funk will pass. You are not having a midlife crisis it is just that when you love and care for someone deeply their well being and moods effect you. I can not imagine what it is like to be used to having one job that defines your livlihood and life then being forced to take up something that your heart is not in like your logger man has had to expecially for a reduced wage. I will pray for him and for you. This is just a challenging time and you both will be stronger coming through it. Love is never easy and it takes patience,tolerance,and acceptance that bad days can be made better by being there for eachother and holding hands through the thick and thin of it all. I love you girly. The rainbow is on the horizon just like after that Pittsburgh show…Love you! Im here if you need to vent or just have someone listen.

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  3. this older post just caught my eye …(MY latest blog post is on the same issue, although my funk has somewhat subsided) How are you guys doing now that we’re in the dead of winter? DM

    • Believe it or not, the dead of winter makes it much easier. I’m definitely a winter person, much more so than any other season. We’ve gotten 15″ of snow in the past day, and it’s supposed to keep snowing for several more days… So to me, this is BLISS! 🙂 I’m not a person who loathes the winter, or hunkers down under the quilts until April. This is MY time! 🙂

      • Sweet. I love a good snow storm/ blizzard myself. Nothing like being snowed in as long as the house is warm, cupboards are full, I have lots of coffee and the Internet is working 🙂

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