Success and changes

I’m proud of my pantry project.  Below is the progression of the transformation, beginning with one of my impossibly small cabinets:

Ta-Daaaa!  Most of my canned goods re-organized and housed in my new sort-of pantry.  I still have some canned fruit and homemade jams and jarred fruit that I have to re-organize.  But those can remain in the cabinets – I think I can manage those a little better than the whole mass of canned veggies and what-not.  But that’s one project that d-o-n-e, done!

After work I also re-planted the other tomato and basil plants, so everything’s been transplanted just in time for the sun to shine again in western Montana.

On a rather sad note, LLM sold the homestead today.  I’m crushed, really.  But there’s a stipulation that he’ll be closing on it in mid-July, but doesn’t have to move out until May 1 of 2011.  How sweet is that?  So the house will still be “home” for a while longer, but he won’t be burdened with the debt.  He’ll be looking for another plot of land soon – but it may be back in Alaska…but then again, it may not be.  So I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.  The good thing is that he’ll be out of debt, with an additional $86k to put toward a new piece of property and a new cabin.  So hopefully that will mean that he can set up a new homestead without need to borrow any more money.  Debt makes LLM a cranky boy…so even though this homestead will be a thing of the past by next summer, he’ll be easier to get along with.  So it’s a toss up.  It’s not like he’ll be moving into town or anything.  So one homestead will be gone, but another is on the horizon.  Let’s just hope it’s here in Montana so I don’t loose my cranky, yet lovely logger man.

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