The GrainMaker has entered the building…

It’s like Christmas in June!

Thar she blows…  Sittin’ on my log bench in the kitchen.  Just have to get some lag bolts and get ‘er bolted down for some hard core, wheat grinding action.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

I ventured out in the 45 degree rain today to drive down to Stevensville.  When I got there, Bonnie was hung up in a meeting down in Hamilton, so she asked me to talk to her son Cody.  I swear that boy was about 17 years old – but he knew his stuff, and was as polite as can be.  Apparently orders for the GrainMaker mills are two to three weeks out…  But somehow, I managed to come home with one today.  🙂  I guess it truly does pay to smile and be kind.  I asked to make sure I wasn’t taking one from someone who had ordered one weeks ago, but Cody assured me I wasn’t.  If it was the case, I wouldn’t have taken it home today.  I could have waited.  But in the end, I got my mill.  And it makes my little old heart sing.

Cody tests each mill before it’s sent out, so he had barrels of wheat and corn on hand for me to test out.  The “Herculean strength” comment made on a review site was unwarranted.  The big auger (which you can see standing up on its side in the pictures) is for larger grains like corn, beans and nuts, and was the one the reviewer thought needed the strength of a Greek god.  I disagree.  It definitely seems to take a little more strength, but not that of a super hero.  There’s a smaller wire auger for wheat, rice and seeds which turns easily.  I’m looking forward to playing with it.  I’ll stop at the hardware store tomorrow and pick up some bolts to tighten it down to the log bench.

In other news, we picked up some plant starts at LLM’s sister’s house yesterday.  We came home with about 75 plants altogether.  We asked for about 20.  Hmmm.  So he left me with four basil plants, some parsley, a Habenero plant and a tomato plant.  I was supposed to get some oregano and a mini-tomato plant, but I forgot to take them out of the back of the truck before he took off for home last night.  I’ll get those this weekend.  I replanted one of the basil plants, the parsley and the habenero plant, and have them sitting on my kitchen window sill.  I may have to replant the habenero – I don’t think the pot is big enough.

(Habenero, Parsley, Basil, and more to be planted)

I also picked up a few more can organizers for the pantry, and some cute blue and white ticking fabric to enclose the shelves for my pantry.  I sewed up one panel for the shelving – will do the other one when I’m done here.  Tomorrow night I’ll get the rest of the cans organized.  One of the stores I stopped at today had a killer sale on canning supplies, so I stocked up on some lids and pectin.  I don’t think I need any more jars right now – but I’ll have to take stock.

Also got a cheapo garbage can for Bella’s chow.  Looks much more tidy than those sloppy old bags.

More work to come!

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8 thoughts on “The GrainMaker has entered the building…

  1. We really like your grain mill and have been wanting to know from someone who has one if they have tried to make peanut butter yet and how it turns out. Otherwise, how is the mill doing?

    • Unfortunately I have not tried to make peanut butter with the mill… I’ve just been grinding wheat into flour. But I absolutely LOVE the mill. I had found some reviews that claim it was a difficult mill (strength wise) to use, yet I haven’t found that to be true at all. I would say it does take a bit longer than 1 minute per cup that they claim – but certainly not much longer. Maybe 2 minutes per cup. Other than that (which is hardly a complaint) I have to say I love the mill, and the family who owns the company is absolutely delightful. I highly recommend the Grainmaker.

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  4. So, since you’re related to the owners of the company, do you think you could talk them into giving your readers (especially me!) a discount???
    Free shipping, $100 off, etc. I’d love to buy one, but I just can’t seem to allow myself to buy anything that isn’t discounted or on sale. A flaw, I know, but that’s my extreme frugality.

    • LOL. I wish I was related to the owners! They seem to be a really awesome family. But alas, just a happy customer, and co-habitant of the great state of Montana. So I don’t have any discount pull. 🙂 but I do love the mill, and find it to be worth every hard-earned penny…

  5. Erin Black

    Hi, can you tell me where you got the can racks from. They look great.

    • Hi Erin – I got my can racks at Bed Bath & Beyond. They were pretty cheap – around $5 or $6 each, if I remember correctly. I love them! I can’t imagine my pantry without them! I need to find something similar for smaller cans – like tuna, or little cans of tomato paste. But for the time being – these work wonderfully for traditional sized cans.

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