Pantry Woes…

The picture above is part of the problem with my pantry…  I don’t have an actual walk-in style pantry to easily see what I have in stock.  What that means is that I end up with a ton of one thing, and next to nothing of another.  I can’t see what I have, so then I don’t use it because I have to unload the entire cabinet to get at something in the very back.  This results in wasted food, which breaks my heart.

By my back door is a little room that functions as an entry way, laundry area, and impromptu pantry.  About nine months ago I bought some heavy duty plastic shelving so that I could store some of my pantry items.  Basically, it ended up housing things like flour, sugar, charcoal, packaged potato flakes and some other miscellaneous items.  I had three shelves constructed, and two stowed in a closet in my sewing room – holding not much.  Every day when I walk in that back door, I’d look at those shelves and tell myself that I need to do something about that…  Figure out a way for it to be more functional.

When I was on my staycation back in April, I bought four wire can holders.  Love them, but again – they were in those awfully small cabinets, and didn’t really achieve the result I had hoped for.

Today’s the day I start organizing the shelves.  More than anything, I want them to hold my canned goods – those are the items most difficult to organize (for me anyway).  And I have a lot of them.  When I originally moved into this house last August, I thought the kitchen had fantastic and plentiful cabinet space.  I was wrong.  Things like flour, sugar – dry goods, are better stowed in the cabinets since they’re more easy to work with.  Cans fall over, and I never can see what I have.

This is where I’m at so far…

I pulled the other two shelves out of the closet and added them to the shelf tower.  Then started pulling some of the canned goods out of the cabinets.  I have much more to do.  I have the day off work tomorrow (today, too, as comp days for eight days of 18-hour work days in a row, otherwise known as our Annual Conference).  So my plan for tomorrow is to go buy a couple more of the can racks and some pretty fabric to enclose the ugly shelves.  I might buy a garbage can to house the dog food in, too.  The bags are just to sloppy for my liking.

I could wish for something this pretty ^^^  But I’m not holding my breath in this house.  Right now I’m working on functional.  (the picture on the right is from Sugar Pie Farmhouse – check out her pantry post and drool away…)

Do you know what else I’m doing tomorrow?  I’m extremely excited to be heading down to Stevensville, Montana to check out the pretty red grain mill from GrainMaker Grain Mills.  I talked to the wife who runs the office (Bonnie), and I’ll be meeting her at 1:30 to test the mill, and hopefully place my order.  Hopefully soon I’ll have a heavy-duty grain mill, made right here in Montana, bolted to my log table and happily turning wheat into flour for bread.  I’m so super excited!  Send positive grain mill vibes my way!

But for now, it’s back to pulling cans out of the cabinets and neatly placing them on the shelves.

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