Dirt Therapy

There’s something to be said for

yard work,

garden work,

homestead work…

It’s nurturing to the soul.

Last night I spent an hour or so out in the yard pulling weeds, raking bare spots in the lawn, reseeding…  After a full day at work using my brain, it felt good to come home and use my body instead.  I live in one of the most peaceful places on the planet – western Montana.  There’s a creek bubbling away down the hill, an impossible number of song birds in the cottonwoods, horses baying in the pasture next door.  Dandelions show off their white billowy heads in the meadow across the road.  Mountains rise up behind the house – green with spring growth.

Saturday morning I have to drive Bella, my faithful four-legged companion, up to the Sanctuary for her 10-day visit with LLM and his dog, Max.  No peace in the forest for me, though.  I’ll get up there Saturday morning, spend the day planting tomatoes and peppers, then drive back early Sunday.  I have packing to do, you see…

Monday morning I leave for Rochester, Minnesota.  The organization that I head up is having their annual conference there – it starts on the 10th.  I can’t complain because my job only dictates about eight weeks of stress each year, and I’m at the tail end of those weeks right now.  Only 10 more days to go until we’re done for another year.

Do you know what the saddest part of this trip is?  The fact that I’ll be within an hour of an Amish community, but won’t have the time to visit.  Tragic, really.  Unfortunately it’s in the opposite direction that I’ll be traveling.  I fly into Minneapolis, then drive to Rochester.  The community of Lanesboro is about an hour further southeast from Rochester.  I could have (read: should have) taken a couple of extra days while I was there to explore.  But I didn’t even know about the community until about two weeks ago.  After the plane tickets had already been purchased.

As of the end of June I’ll have three full weeks of vacation time banked.  I’d like to take some time to visit some alternative or old-order communities and do some learning.  I’ll have to look around and see if there’s anything interesting within a day’s drive.

In the meantime, I don’t know how much I’ll be posting until after the 15th of the month.  By that time the garden should be heavy with foliage and ripe with the promise of fresh produce.  I can’t wait to crunch into the first radish of the season.

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2 thoughts on “Dirt Therapy

  1. Lanie

    Minnesota is pretty you have to love the Loons! Such great antique shops up there. I hope your conference is a good one and a productive one. The good news is next year you will know to book a few extra days to visit the Amish community. There are two fantastic ones here one is Amish Acres in Indiana and the other is in Arcola,Illinois. They have fantastic food at both of them! Have a fantastic trip.

    • Unfortunately we won’t be back in Minnesota next year – we’ll be in Utah… Oh well – I’ll find some time to get out and about and visit some neat, sustainable communities. 🙂 So much to learn in life…

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