Happiness is…

… A packet of seeds.

Seeds are nothing new in my world.  I adore seeds – all kinds. Those happy little packets represent the freshies I love to munch on all year long.  For the past couple of years I’ve been lucky enough to have access to a garden where I can grow with reckless abandon… but why stop there?  (More on that in a sec…)

I was reading a series of blog posts the other day on the so-called Survivalist Seed movement.  There’s a bunch of companies out there that will sell you hermetically sealed packets of seeds, that are then enclosed in a can or some other contraption, designed for long-term storage.  It’s all good and well, and I’m never one to dis’ free enterprise.  But man, those seed packages are expensive!  We’re talking over $100 – at times over $150!  For flipping non-gmo/non-hybrid seeds.  Zoiks!  If I put my mind to it, I’m sure I could go out and gather the individual seeds I’d want, and do the storage myself.  However, that’s just another one of those tasks relegated to the “someday” list.  But the guy who was writing the posts was exposing the serious mark-up by these companies who are, essentially, profiting on people’s fears.  I won’t go into the long and short of it, because more importantly, he pointed me to a source for seeds at a much better price:

Mountain Valley Seed Company of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Now these folks have it goin’ on!  For just over half what I could have spent with one of the survival seed outfits (including shipping), I got a can of seeds (16 varieties, hermetically sealed, then re-sealed inside a #10 can), plus some additional carrot and lettuce seeds, and a pound each of Alfalfa and Red Clover seeds for sprouting.  I’m thinking about heading back over there to buy a few more varieties just for kicks. (My box of seed joy came in today’s mail. 🙂 )  But the point being, I was super happy that I happened upon that guys blog post.  I had been hemming and hawing about buying some LTS seeds, but just didn’t want to fork out that kind of money.  So this new-found source will be my go-to.  Another great source is the Seed Savers Exchange.  But their seeds just come in regular old packets, so you’d have to do the re-packaging yourself.  But either way – using either source will put you way ahead in the game.

I looked at buying some sprouting seed locally, but heck, even with the postage the sprouting seeds at Mountain Valley Seed were still less expensive!  A few weeks back I tried my hand for the first time at sprouting seeds in a mason jar.  I put them in salads and on sandwiches, and they were yummy.  First time I had ever had wheat sprouts.  But I love alfalfa and radish sprouts, and when I happen upon clovers growing in meadows, I generally munch on a few, so I’m sure the clover sprouts will be tasty too.  The best part about sprouting is that you can grow fresh, crunchy yumminess anytime of the year.  No need for hot sunny days – all you need is a jar, some seed, a little bit of water and some cheese cloth and you’re set.

Since time is short here before heading off for a business trip, I won’t get to start any new sprouts until I get back from Minnesota.  But I’m really looking forward to exploring the world of sprouting even more.  I understand that putting them in homemade bread is an awesome way to boost the nutrition content.  I don’t know how I can expand on the amazingness of my homemade bread – but hey, I’m willing to try!

I think I may try growing some lettuce in the windowsill at home, too.  Why not?  Need to experiment and see what I’m capable of…

The sky’s the limit!

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2 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. Yeah, the survival seed prices are crazy. Even the affordable ones are not terribly affordable. I made my own survival seeds, using homegrown and collected seeds and my Foodsaver. It took under an hour to package dozens of different seeds.

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