Busy Busy…

I’m head long into my new position, and trying hard to find a replacement for my old job…  So much to report on the homestead front, but not much time to do it.  So I’ll leave you with a few pictures to tide ya over until my head’s back above water.

First off – there’s CHICKENS at the sanctuary!  35 of the little buggers.  25 roosters and 10 hens – Sexlings.  They’re insane – that’s all I can say.  🙂  They’re about 5 weeks old, and doubling in size nearly every day.  Over the weekend they went from chicks to chickens.

What a handsome man, huh?

Some of the kids in the orchard… their back yard.

Hi Pretty Girl!

We spent some time up in the mountains too.  There are wild flowers blooming everywhere..

Like this little Bitterroot that we found up Chimney Creek.

Are you in the market for a used cow?  I’ve got just the place for ya!

It’s nice to see the elk have come back…  Haven’t seen much of these benevolent creatures lately.

And of course, there’s always time for some target practice up at the end of some random mountain road.

More to come soon.  The garden was re-tilled this weekend, and next weekend we’ll be putting the potatoes and onions in.  Seeds are germinating – but those won’t go in until June 1st (our frost-free date… supposedly).

Hope you’re enjoying your spring…  I know I am!

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