Winds of change…

Spring is never a particularly leisurely time for me.  In fact, of the entire year, I would say it’s about the only time that isn’t leisurely.  I still work a regular full-time job, and my busy season generally picks up sometime in April and goes through June.  Then I go back to my mellow-yellow life until the next spring.  On top of work, gardens get planted, summer projects get planned, the newly defrosted mountains get explored…  This year’s spring, however, promises to be a bit more hectic than normal.

Yesterday afternoon, about midway through our staff meeting, a call came that I wasn’t necessarily expecting.  At least, not so abruptly and without warning.  The call came from our Board’s president offering me the position of Executive Director.  This was the position I had been waffling over the past few weeks before finally, somewhat reluctantly, submitting my name for consideration.  I was hardly interviewed, save for a couple brief phone calls and promising emails.  To my knowledge, no other candidates were interviewed.  But for whatever reason, they felt I was the person they wanted to see in that spot.  So here I am.  🙂

The Board president will be in town next week for a conference of another regional outdoor writers group, and at that time we’ll talk money, sign my contract and develop a list of goals for my six-month trial period.  All incoming ED’s have a six-month trial period, so this is nothing unusual.  Of course, since our organization’s own annual conference is a mere seven weeks away, I don’t have time to find a replacement for my current position before heading off to Rochester.  So that means I get to remain Director of Membership & Conference Services, while trying my shoes on as Executive Director as well.  It’s going to be a busy few weeks, but I know I can do it.

Unfortunately, my stake in this year’s garden may be left to LLM.  I’ll still be there to lend a helping hand on the weekends… which I’m sure I’ll need mentally.  But a lot of it will land on his shoulder’s this spring.  Even this next weekend I won’t be able to help because I’ll be at that other writers group’s conference.

When word came down yesterday, and after beer bottles were clinked in celebration, the current Executive Director asked, with a somewhat teasing tone, how I was going to get off the grid now with my new-found responsibilities.  I laughed and told him it’s all still part of my plan.  Having a higher-paying job simply means that more money gets put in the piggy bank, and that my pastoral dream will come sooner, rather than later.  And really, my job has nothing to do with my home life.  Summer is always the time I use the least of the “grid” – lights aren’t needed here in western Montana in the summertime since the sun doesn’t set much before 10:30 p.m., and is up again by 4 a.m.  Radios aren’t played as much since I prefer the sound of the birds and the breeze in the leaves.  The stove doesn’t get much use either since summer is the time for fresh fruit and veggies and copious amounts of fresh, cold water.  The furnace gets turned off, clothes are hung on the line to dry, walking and biking take the place of driving when possible, and life simply slows down for the dog days.  And after June, my life slows down to meet that pace… which always affords me time to contemplate how to incorporate less technology and power in my life.

So it looks like it’s time to re-visit my long term goals, re-evaluate where I would like to see myself in a few years, and formulate a more concrete plan to get there.  In the meantime, I’ll be busy working for a few weeks before collapsing to the slow, sun drenched pace of another Montana summer.

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