I Be Jammin’

Picture by Riyah-Li Designs

Boy, that has many connotations.  I’ve done so much in the past five days, and I still have another whole day left before heading back to work.  It feels so indulgent.  I seem to have mis-placed my to-do list… but that’s okay. I still feel accomplished.

Tons of things have been cleaned out, given away, gotten rid of and organized.  My favorite thing is the can organizers that I got for my pantry.  Really – I just need a whole, custom built, new pantry… but we can all dream, right? But here’s one of my shelves using a couple of the little racks.  They hold about 12 cans, I think.

(There was more added to this particular shelf after this was taken… I thought I had a lot ofstorage space in this kitchen when I moved in, but I was wrong.  😦 )

And for being home for days on end, the only real mess that exists in my house at this point are various books here, there and everywhere.  Not bad.  🙂

Tonight I made a batch of jam.  I was going to do two, but it’s already quarter to nine.  Strawberries are still on super-killer-sale, so I bought eight pounds when I was at the market today.  The batch I just finished yielded nine half-pints, and a spare 12-ounce jar.  The flavor is strawberry-pineapple.  It also has a lemon and an orange in it, but the strawberries and pineapple make up the bulk of it.  It’s really quite pretty.  And it doesn’t taste too bad either.  🙂

LLM didn’t sound too excited about the flavor – but that’s okay, I don’t have to share  😉

I also did some luxuriously indulgent lounging in the sunshine while finishing a couple books I had started and never got around to finishing.  I couldn’t have asked for a better week off work weather-wise.  It’s been sunny and in the uppers 60s and 70s the entire time.  Tomorrow they’re calling for 81 degrees!!!!  In April!  In Montana!!!  Insane…  I actually got sunburned today.  LLM laughed because he was going to tell me to put sunscreen on when he called at lunchtime, but forgot.  Duh – first day in the sunshine… I can’t be expected to remember everything!

But back to the books.  The first was written back in the 1970s and it’s called Possum Living.  It was just re-released last year.  Interesting book.  Sometimes it was all I could do to turn the page, but at other times it wielded some decent information and food for thought.  Even better than that book, though, was one I picked up last summer and finally got around to reading.  This book I liked…  A lot.  It’s called “Better Off: Flipping the switch on technology” With the nickname “Amish Robin” (lovingly bestowed upon me years ago by my friends), it’s only natural that this book spoke to me.  It’s about an MIT graduate and his wife who decide to forsake everything modern-society as an experiment, and move to an Amish community (who they termed the “Minimites”) for 18 months.  There are some good, humorous parts of the book as the author learns to actually work with his hands instead of his brain.  But more than the humor is the social commentary on how modern society needs all this “Stuff” to be happy.  And how we need to work our butts off to pay for, maintain, and acquire more of this “stuff”.  It was the right week for me to read that book.  I highly recommend requesting it from your local librarian…

So embrace your inner Amish and start minimizing your life.  Simplicity is simply amazing – and they’ve gotten it down to a science.

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