Dry Goods

Last weekend I stopped at the Belknap Store and picked up some more dry goods and some other random things to add to the pantry.

(Green split peas, Pearled Barley, Caramels, Chicken flavored broth mix, Ranch dressing mix, jello mix, bulk yeast, and another half-gallon of local honey)

I also had a 50 pound bag of wheat in my pantry that needed to have something done with it… other than just sitting there in the paper sack.  So I just spent the last half-hour bagging it up in mylar bags and sealing them up for long-term storage. 

I was able to pick up some square food-grade buckets at the bakery counter at grocery store the other day for 75-cents each!!!  If I were to buy these from a food storage company they’d cost me close to $6 a piece.  SCORE!  So I got 5 of them – with lids – for $3.75.  I may call tomorrow and see if they have some more I can pick up.  What the heck, they’ll get used.

So now they’re neatly packaged and taking up space in my pantry.  🙂  I’m glad that chore’s done!

Some day I’ll live in a house with a great big huge pantry, and everything will fit in one place.  For now I’m using a closet in a spare bedroom, and the rest is in my laundry room.  (That obviously doesn’t include the stuff that’s stowed in my kitchen too.)

I’m feeling really good about my pantry right now.  As it stands, I could quit my job tomorrow and not have to worry about going to a grocery store for close to a year.  That feels good – especially since I’m totally waffling on applying for that other job.  Stress (much like debt) scares the crap out of me.  I really like my carefree lifestyle, and I’m in no hurry to dump that quality.  Quality over quantity.  🙂

Next up I have to work on my savings account so that in all seriousness I might be able to quit my job in a year and just “Live Live LIVE!!!!!”  (in the words of Auntie Mame).  Because, after all, “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving…”

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