Never Again…

Never again will I EVER mess with another bread recipe except this one.  I just made eight loaves of the most amazing French bread on the planet.  Not only will I never, EVER, again mess with another bread recipe – I may never purchase another loaf of bread from the store again!!!!

Doesn’t it look delicious?  I ate a quarter of the loaf already!!!

So where did I get said recipe, you ask?  From the Prudent Homemaker’s website.   You’ll see a link to her site in my sidebar.  But for a direct link to this absolutely amazing recipe, you can go here.  The only change I would make to her recipe is to add a tablespoon of sugar or honey when you’re proofing the yeast.  That seems to help it do its thing.  Also, she doesn’t mention exactly how long to bake the bread.  As you can see, I made round loaves – they baked for about 45 minutes at 400 degrees and came out perfect.  I also added the beaten egg brushed on top and sprinkled a little kosher salt over the top, too.

I’ve tried a bazillion bread recipes over the past few years – some turned out okay, others were a complete failure.  This recipe is the easiest, tastiest and darn-near fool proof one I’ve found so far.  And as I stated above, I don’t think I will ever try another “regular” bread recipe again.  No need… this one’s perfect!

The Prudent Homemaker has a ton of fantastic food storage and pantry info on her site.  I highly recommend it.  I stayed up way too late last night reading a bunch of her articles.  I think I’m going to head over there right now and find a way to email her to tell her how fantastic this recipe is!  (as well as how awesome the rest of her site is as well.)

Next up: coloring the Easter eggs.  🙂

Happy Easter!

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