Every once in a blue moon you come across a movie that screams at your soul.  Well, this weekend I found just one of those.  I had never seen this one before, but we settled down and tuned in.  To say it’s haunting me right now is a grave understatement. This is the absolute epitome of what I’m looking for in life…

(Embedding the video doesn’t seem to want to work – so you can catch the trailer here:

Aside from daydreaming about pioneer life in rural Alaska, there’s not a whole heck of a lot happening. Wind, rain and snow decided to grace us with their presence, so planting the garden is definitely still a few weeks off. We talked about the chicken coop this weekend. I think it’s going to be over by the garden so we can let the chickens peck and scratch in with the crops. Plus they’re more protected from the wild ones that like to eat them.

Moved the rain barrels to the roof line just in time. There hasn’t been much moisture to speak of lately, but yesterday and today it’s been a deluge. So they should be filling up fast. Good water for the garden when that time comes.

Otherwise, all’s quiet on the Western Front. Now it’s just the spring waiting game.

I stopped in at the Belknap store last Friday. It’s a little bulk foods and butcher run by Mennonites. I picked up a 25 pound bag of pearl barley, another 25’er of split peas and some miscellaneous stuff that looked good: half-gallon of local honey, a pound of yeast, broth mix… Just extras to add to the pantry. You can never really have enough, can you? Especially with the collapse looming closer than ever…

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