Ultimately, my goal is to live in the middle of nowhere and take up a rural and primitive lifestyle.  I try to build and develop my skills and interests to support that end.  But for now, I live and work in a mid-sized town (about 50,000 people total when the University is in session).  I do program development, event planning and membership management for a nonprofit organization.  I like my job because I only have stress 8 weeks out of the year.  The rest of the time it’s pretty mellow-yellow.  How many people with 8 to 5 jobs can claim that?  I love the people I work with, and I like what I do.  I get paid a comfortable wage, and because I don’t have any dependents (save for one furry, four-legged child) I don’t have need for any more money than what I make.  Again – how many people can claim that?

So a week ago my boss (the Director of our organization) rendered his resignation effective 60 days from now.  He and I have talked about this day quite a bit over the past 12-18 months.  I knew it was coming – but I didn’t know when.  The “when” turned out to be last week.  I’ve been approached by not only him, but a couple people on our Board of Directors to apply for his position.  For as many reasons as I can think to do it, I can come up with just as many reasons not to.  Actually, probably more “not’s” that “to’s”.

I don’t want the stress.  That’s the biggie right there.  This organization is filled to the brim with needy, egotistic creatives.  They’re writers, photographers and TV- and Radio-personalities.    I have no doubt that I can do the job.  I’ve been working in nonprofits for nearly a decade, with nearly a decade in the private sector before that.  Honestly, the biggest “don’t do it” reason I have is the stress level. Although, in reality, my to-do list would probably be shorter.

I would be making pretty close to twice what I make right now, and there’s also a very distinct possibility that we’ll be working from home pretty soon, too.

The money would put me closer to my dream of ditching the grid because I would be able to save a lot more money a lot more quickly.  But at the same time, my life of voluntary simplicity and quality of life would be set back because of the enormity of the job.

Am I stupid for not wanting to apply?  I told my boss I would give him my final answer on Monday after I took the weekend to consider the possibilities.  I also want to talk to LLM to get his take.  I guess I could view it as a temporary position – use it for a year or two to make and save as much money as humanly possible, then ditch the job in a heart beat when I’ve had too much.  In reality, I want to stick with this organization until at least 2012.  We’re going to Alaska for our annual conference that year, and I selfishly want to go back to Alaska on someone else’s dime.  (yes, my ethics are awful – what can I say?)

So, if it were you, would you suck it up and take the stress for a couple years to bank a bunch of money, or would you continue on with the easy life with a sufficient and comfortable wage?

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2 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…

  1. I believe I’d take it for a couple of years especially since there is so much uncertainity with the economy. Sock it away and get more self sufficient too.

    • That sure does seem to be the consensus among family, friends and my significant other. What’s the worst that could happen? So I’ll have to learn a new job. The best that can happen is that I can increase my stores, learn new skills and find rejuvenation in my career. 🙂 Thanks for your input!

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