2,400 square feet of happiness…

Our garden is 2,400 square feet.  That’s Two-Thousand-Four-Hundred square feet of dirt and rock-filled happiness.  If you’ve ever tried to garden in Montana, you’ll know that it’s a battle of whits with the rocks.  They don’t call ’em the Rocky Mountains for nothing.

We spent last weekend tilling, picking rocks and raking… getting ready for what appears will be an early planting season this year.  All the seeds have been received.  The only thing we’re still waiting on are the onion sets and the seed potatoes.

Some raspberry crawlers got transplanted into the row, so the whole north end of the garden is filled with raspberry and currant bushes.  Yum!  We also had a bag each of asparagus and strawberry starts that we picked up (mostly out of curiosity) at the store a couple weeks ago.  We decided to get those in the ground before they started growing in the bags.  We already had a patch of each, so these just added to the existing.  There were 8 of each start…

(Asparagus on the left, Strawberries on the right)  The 50 strawberry starts we planted last April have exploded into about 100 strawberry plants.  Don’t ask me why we planted more.  LOL  Each of those little stakes marks, in many cases, more than one plant.  Good thing we love berries!

Signs of life in the Berry Bed!

LLM also moved a mini compost pile that we had up in one corner and combined it with the main one we have down by the garden gate.  It looks much more tidy now.

He loves his camo…  I think it’s his way of living in denial that hunting season ever really ends.  🙂

So for working in the garden, in Montana, in March.  I would say it was a pretty productive weekend.  We’ve been chatting about the greenhouse – that needs to be done here soon so the seeds can start germinating for things like tomato and pepper plants.  I think he’s got one more week of falling timber on the property (thank you NRCS grant!), then he’ll be ready to work on some other household projects.

Welcome to planting season!

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