Dream a little dream with me….

I woke up to this dream this morning.  It scared the bejezuz out of me.

I was laying on the floor in the living room, kind of half asleep.  My Dad was sitting on a chair a few feet away when a brilliant light came shining in the window.  I woke up enough for my Dad to say “What the heck is that?  A UFO?”  I peeked out the window at the sky just in time to see a huge ship what seemed like just feet above our house.  I ran to a window on the other side of the room and watched as it passed over our house and headed in toward the city (Chicago).  We turned on the news to see if there were any reports, but there weren’t.  They were just talking about an earthquake that had hit California overnight.  I went back to the window to see if I could still see it, and I noticed it above the city, trying to pull up to gain elevation.  It seemed to be having trouble, then crashed and settled in among the buildings of North Michigan Avenue.  Again, consulting the news to see if there were any reports – but again, nothing.  We looked back out the window to see if we could see any helicopters heading over to investigate, but instead what we saw scared the living hell out of us!  Airplanes and helicopters falling out of the air, and up in the atmosphere what appeared to be a million tiny explosions and a double ring of fire as all the satellites and air traffic in the sky bagan to fall to the earth.  I had the sinking feeling that “this was it.”  This is what we had been preparing for.  This was the end of civilization as we knew it.

I tried to pull out my cell phone to call Allen to let him know what was going on, and that I was on my way.  But being a cell phone, it didn’t work.  I would close it, and see that I had full service, but as soon as I tried to use it, it would just die out.  I was terrified – I couldn’t get a hold of him, but knew that I had to get to him somehow.

That’s when I woke up.

My first thoughts upon waking:

  • I only had a quarter-tank of gas – not enough to get to Allen’s house.  Task #1 for today: fill up with gas.
  • I didn’t have a 72-hour kit put together, so I would be scrambling to get what I needed.  Task #2 for today: Put my kit together.
  • I only have about 2-3 meals worth of dog food for Bella. Task #3 for today: Buy two (not just one) big bag of food, and put one in storage.
  • All of my food is scattered in my kitchen, I would have to grab armloads and carry them to my truck before leaving for Allen’s house.  Task #4: develop a plan for transporting food stores in case of emergency when I would need to evacuate.

It’s like this dream… this apocalyptic, prophetic dream, is what I needed to wake up and get my arse in gear.  TEOTWAWKI can come at any time, and in any form.  And regardless of how much I’ve tried to prepare – I’m not prepared.

Task #5 for today:  Get on it!

I’ll be back with some garden updates and pictures soon.  We tilled the entire plot this weekend, did more destoning and actually planted some asparagus and strawberry starts that we had in the garage (before they started growing in the bags!).  It’s going to be 62* and sunny here in western Montana today.  It’s feeling more like May than March.

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3 thoughts on “Dream a little dream with me….

  1. Dontcha hate those kind of dreams? But if it took a scary dream to motivate you, then yay! We keep ‘get home safe’ kits in both vehicles at all times and a 72 hour kit in a rolling suitcase at the bottom of the basement stairs. Throw a case of water on top and we’re good to go.

    • The thing is that I know better too. But for some reason, the BOB is always the last thing on my list. I’m working at home today, so I think I’m going to take a few minutes and put one together out of an extra backpack and toss it in my truck. Let’s just hope no UFOs crash and wipe out the power grid between now and Noon. LOL

      • “Let’s just hope no UFOs crash and wipe out the power grid between now and Noon”

        Would you believe there’s rumors floating around our area about a UFO sighting last week? Maybe I ought to be the one worried about UFOs LOL. I think I’m going to double check our BOB!

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