Just in the nick of time…

Do you know what we did this weekend?  We got in the garden!!!!

It’s 60 degrees in the northern Rockies today – and for the past two days for that matter!  On Saturday, while LLM was on the phone ordering logging equipment, I ducked out into the garden to see what there was to see.  On close inspection of the strawberry patch I noticed some bright green little leaves poking out from the soil.  The strawberries are growing!!!!!!!!!  🙂  So as soon as he got off the phone, I pulled him by the hand into the enclosure and showed off my tiny green discoveries.  That set us in motion for the rest of the weekend.

The fence got repaired from Mr. Bear’s midnight munching fest.  Rocks, carelessly strewn over the past few years, were pulled out from along the fenceline.  I began plucking rocks from some of the beds.  And while we dug and got dirty, a lone robin sat on top of a ponderosa pine and sung to us.  The first robin of the spring.  🙂

On Sunday we had planned to head up into the mountains and play for a while, but ended up back in the garden.  More rocks were plucked, berry bushes were uncovered, pine needles were raked up and strawberry plants marked with pieces of cedar shingle.  We sat in the sun and planned where to put the greenhouse.  Talked about building a new outhouse.  Planned the timber thinning to help combat pine beetles and potential fire danger.  Oddly enough, the one thing that didn’t come up was the chicken coop.  I’ll have to remind LLM about that one.

Life takes on a whole different feeling and rhythm when the garden gets opened up.  Big smiles replace sighs.  Dirty hands replace idle ones.  Lawn chairs and dirty knees replace couches and arm chairs.

Spring has come to the valley this year, and not a moment too soon.

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2 thoughts on “Just in the nick of time…

  1. hi! i just wanted you to know i just listed that montana souvenir tray in my etsy shop (rachiesplace.etsy.com)…thanks for the nice comments!


    • Thanks so much for the quick note – I just bought it! Yay! It’ll have a nice new place in a Montana home. 🙂

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