Two months later, and one packet of seeds…

Over the Christmas-New Year’s holiday, LLM and I made a pretty substantial garden order for this year’s plot.  We opted to go with seeds instead of starter-plants for a couple of reasons.  First – cost.  Seeds are a fraction of the cost of starters, plus for that money you get substantially more plants.  Secondly – experience.  We want to “get good” at starting our plants from seeds instead of relying on someone else to do that.  Again, it minimizes the cost.  Plus, who knows, in the future plant starts may not be an option.

So it’s been nearly two months.  One of the seed companies kept screwing up the payment – finally got that squared away a couple weeks ago, and they said the order would be on the way.  Never a word from the other company.  Both companies happen to be the same – but different names, and separate $50 savings coupons.  So we got $200 worth of seeds for $100 plus shipping.

Yesterday, LLM goes to the post office and sees a 5×7 envelope in the box.  Inside is a letter thanking us for the order, and enclosed was one packet of seeds.  Hot Pepper mix.  So out of $200 worth of seeds, and two months waiting time, so far we have all of one packet of hot pepper seeds.  Ugh.

Winter’s been extremely mild in the northern Rockies this year, and we’re anticipating another early start to the garden.  But not if we don’t have seeds!

We do still have to work on putting together a rough greenhouse for the plant starts.  I’m hoping we can work on that some this weekend.  We got these little peat pots from Wally-World – $6 for 72 starter pots and a mini greenhouse thingy.  Pretty cheap, seeing as how a similar starter set in the seed company’s catalog was $24.95.  So for less than one of those, we got three.  Might go back and pick up a couple more.  Just “because”.

I think we’re both getting antsy to dig in the dirt.  Since winter’s been a little less than stellar, neither of us have been getting our typical outdoor recreation fix.  Me on my Telemark skis, him on his snowmobile.  We’re both missing the sunshine terribly, as well.  On top of no snow, it’s just been wet and grey.  Fog like I’ve never seen before.  But no snow.

Come on Spring – I need me some outdoor garden time!!!

Edit: heh heh – one more thing to add to the pre-garden to-do list is to repair the fence around said garden.  Mr. Bear made himself quite the pest this past Autumn.  Not only did he eat all our apples and plums, but he took out the fence around the garden to get at the compost pile.  Stinkin’ bear.  LOL

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