Looking back…

Just out of curiosity, I opened my gratitude journal back to last April because I wanted to know what day we got started in the garden.  I knew it was April, but for some reason I thought it was April 25th.  Guess what day it was….  April 11!!!  The first day in the garden for 2009 was April 11.  We planted our asparagus and strawberry starts.  That’s utterly amazing for western Montana.  We were still getting sporadic frost until late June.  How nothing died off, I have no idea.

LLM placed our seed order this week for this year’s garden.  I have a feeling, considering how brutally cold it’s been, that April 11th will not be our first day in the garden this year.  At some point in the next couple of months we need to build ourselves a rustic greenhouse because we’re going with seeds this year instead of starts.  So we’ll have to get those started in a greenhouse to give them a headstart before putting them in the ground in May or early June.

From what I understand, a friend of his dug a pond on his property this fall, and is going to give us all the black dirt that he dug up.  What an addition to the garden that’s going to be!  Black dirt may as well be gold in these parts.  We have some of the driest, most rocky soil on the planet.  I would imagine it ranks up there with central Afghanistan.

April 11th. That’s just crazy.

I can’t wait to dig in the earth again.  🙂

This weekend we’re going to work on/experiment with “canning” butter in mason jars.  I have seven pounds of butter, and we’re both totally intrigued with the prospect.

The economy in these parts is starting to look really ugly.  Even bars are starting to close down.  We were one of the states with the lowest unemployment, but in a matter of a week we’ve lost nearly 600 immediate jobs, and the residual job loss from that is expected to be close to three times the initial 600.  I came home to a $275 propane bill on my back door this week.  I paid them $475 on December 21st.  I’m dying to know how on earth I went through 12o gallons of propane in a month when I wasn’t even here for half that time.  I’m so grateful I have a good job.  What on earth are people doing that have lost their jobs, or aren’t lucky enough to have a good paying job?  Hold on to your hat – I think we’re getting ready to go over the edge…

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