Alternative Living…

I love this post over at Vol. 25.  I’ve toyed with the idea, now and again, of living full time in a cutesy little travel trailer.  Even if just for a year.  Just parking here or there, and living my “normal” life.  But instead of coming home to a regular house, coming home to my cute little travel trailer.  I think what started it was, back in the days of TV, seeing a travel show about Sisters on the Fly.  They travel around the country, fly fishing, and living out of cutesy, refurbished Shasta trailers.  I fell in love.

The only thing that really stops me from trying this insanity is my desire to garden.  That, and what the heck to do with all my “stuff” – books, food storage, etc.  While I love the idea of living so minimally – what would I do with all my beloved books, and my 8+ months of food storage.  My kitchen alone is bigger that most of these trailers.  So that’s a detail I’d have to work out.   I could probably do some minor container gardening “on the go” – just basic things like lettuce in a hanging planter.  Plus I’ve been thinking about asking my boss if I can plant some veggie plants along the back of our office.  It gets full sun  most of the year.  And how fun would that be to walk outside at lunchtime and pick a fresh salad!?!

Anyway – so I’m just day dreaming today.  And one of my daydreams is living in a cute little travel trailer.  🙂

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4 thoughts on “Alternative Living…

  1. ack…the thought of being in a trailer with 2 kids for any amount of time is horrifying! Give me a yard and garden any day. At least until retirement. That’s if my generation ever gets to retire 🙂

    • LOL The only kid I have is a 10-month old pit bull. And she goes to work with me every day. So it wouldn’t be too bad. But I sure would miss digging in the dirt!

  2. I’ve lived in a trailer with a snoring husband and a teenager until our house was ready to move into. I don’t recommend it. It’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

    • LOL It always seems like such a romantic ideal. Just living so minimally in a tiny, cute little trailer. But you’re probably right. I’m sure it would get old quick. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!

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