Laundry god in a bottle

Okay.  I just have a super quick, non-solicited product endorsement.

You may or may not have noticed that I was wearing white mittens and a white fleece in the hide-fleshing pictures of my previous post.  Yeah, I know.  Why was I wearing white to deal with a bloody hide?  Well, that’s just the way I roll…  In fact, I not only had one white fleece on, but two.  And the one underneath the one visible has those little thumb-hole thingies that make the sleeves like half-mittens.  So needless to say, after an hour and a half of scraping meat, fat and blood off the inside of the hide, I had dried blood ground in to mittens and both fleeces.  It was pretty nasty.  LLM was even questioning my choice of fashion yesterday.  But hey – ya work with what ya got.  I didn’t have a dark colored jacket with me – so winter white was what I went with.

So when I got home tonight I knew I had to do something to work that nastiness out of my cuffs and mittens.  Somewhere along the line, I acquired a bottle of spray from a company called Hoppe’s Elite – it’s called “Sportsmen’s Stain Remover” and it claims to remove blood, grass and powder residue from fabric, and will also eliminate odor.  This was a good thing, because not only did I have blood, gore and guts ground into my fleeces, but they smelled like a dead deer too.

Okay – this stuff works.  I mean – it *works* I sprayed some on the stained areas, and it began eating away the blood before I even got it in the washer.  I sprayed a bunch on both fleeces, and soaked the mittens a bit with a few good squirts.  Ran them through the washer with the rest of my clothes from the weekend – and when I pulled them out of the  dryer just now, you’d swear nothing ever happened.  All the blood – gone.  Ground in dirt and nastiness – gone.  Dead deer smell – gone.

So if you’re planning to get yucky with any of your autumn hunting or homesteading chores – definitely get a bottle of this stuff, and feel perfectly comfortable wearing white while you gut your hunting take, slaughter your chickens or do any of the other stuff that promises to get your grungy this year.  Hoppe’s Elite Sportsmen’s Stain Remover.  I’ve found my laundry god in a bottle.

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