The quiet time of year…

The garden has been put to rest…

The harvest has been canned, dried and put up…

The firewood is cut, dried and stacked…

Hunting season has but a couple short weeks left…

Some snow has fallen…

Most of the leaves are gone…

The days are getting shorter and more grey…

Crafting is taking up more of my time since less of it is spent outdoors.  Embroidery, sewing christmas gifts, playing with soft pretty yarn.

Talk has turned to alternatives to the everyday “job” – wondering if there’s a way to make it work without having to do a traditional day-job.  LLM’s body is broken from a life of logging, and my psyche is broken from spending endless days in an office.  All either of us really wants to do is take care of the homestead and subsist.  Turning our days toward making a life, not just a living.

Looks like some of my crafting time will need to be turned toward creative thinking.  How to make it work.  How to work for ourselves instead of for “the man.”  We both, technically, like our work.  But we know there’s something more…  Something fulfilling out there.

I’m grateful for the quiet time of year and the inspiration I find in my quiet thoughts while putting needle to fabric and watching the flakes fall outside my window.

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